World Volunteer Day

World Volunteer Day

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World Volunteer Day, an opportunity to celebrate the commitment of many and to encourage that of those who have not yet thought about it but could give time to a good cause. Today the Italian landscape of volunteering is rich, varied and virtuous, but it can be done even better, especially by networking and coordinating, to limit waste. There World Volunteer Day it may be the right opportunity!

Today in Italy over half of the voluntary associations operates in the social assistance sector or in the health sector, very few have presidents under 35 and the average age of volunteers is close to 50. There are over 44 thousand realities that will be celebrated in the World Volunteer Day, some registered in the public registers, others registered only in the databases of the Service Centers.

World Volunteer Day: when it occurs

And the December 5th World Volunteer Day is global so it should be called International Volunteer Day. It has been celebrated every year, since 1985, by choice of the United Nations General Assembly. Usually, in fact, the most "official" celebrations are coordinated by United Nations volunteers but each reality or geographical area can organize itself in the best possible way to remember this anniversary and involve citizens even if they do not operate in any association. Not yet!

World Volunteer Day: what is celebrated

During the World Volunteer Day the idea, the purpose, is to give visibility and tell what the associations do every day of the year, the free time they dedicate to the good cause they have taken to heart, the skills they make available.

The numerous and varied volunteer activities that lend a hand around the world, they argue peace initiatives, provide humanitarian aid and medical assistance, they watch over human rights and support other organizations operating in the social sector. The social sector is precisely the most crowded sector of associations, as well as health care, followed by the realities born to lend a hand in the field of culture, sport and recreation.

In World Volunteer Day volunteers are celebrated but also those who benefit from their actions, the elderly and minors in the first place, but also sick, disabled, immigrants and refugees.

In the Italian map, to understand where the World Volunteer Day, let's go and count the most active regions. As an absolute number, Lombardy, Tuscany, Lazio, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna stand out, but if an evaluation is also made linked to the number of inhabitants, therefore in proportion to the possible beneficiaries, everything changes. The areas where volunteering is most "densely present" are Friuli Venezia Giulia and Valle d'Aosta, so far the South has no comparable numbers, not even the Islands.

Taking a step back from the regional divisions, looking at the life of a "typical" volunteer, we discover that he gives to society and to the needy on average more than 20 hours per month, the presidents of the associations up to 25 and remain where they work, even 6-7 years.

World Volunteer Day 2018: events and activities

At each edition of the World Volunteer Day, discover new initiatives and activities that you can participate in, live or online. The December 5th this year - useless to pretend - falls exactly on the day in which the results of an important electoral appointment will be had. Move i spotlight from politics to the world of volunteering it is the task of all those who believe and support who every day dedicates hours and energy for free to those in need.

To find out more about what will be organized in your area, you can contact your municipality, the competent department, and - if there is one in your city - House of Volunteering.

If, on the other hand, we already have clear ideas about the voluntary association with which we want to celebrate, we can inquire directly. Some organize activities that give the possibility to be volunteers for a day, perhaps to become one for the following months, in the way it "fits" into our agenda.

There are associations also engaged in environmental Protection that every now and then they clean up the city, which you can join once in a while, to make your contribution, without necessarily being bound for life. It is also known that doing volunteer work increases self-esteem, in World Volunteer Day, but also in the remaining 364.

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