False Cypress "Fireball"

False Cypress

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False cypress fireball: tips on growing in pots or in the garden. All the useful information to embellish your garden with the false red fireball cypress.

Thefireball cypressit is among the most unusual types of false cypress found in garden centers. Is calledfire ballbecause its foliage naturally assumes an oval shape and, in the autumn period, the leaves tend to take on an intense red color.

False red cypress or fireball

ThereKochia Tricophyllait is a plant appreciated for its particular elongated and pointed foliage which, in spring and summer, takes on an intense bright green color. The particularity that makes thefireball cypressso sought after is found in autumn, when the leaves take on the typical colorfire red.

Thefireball cypressit also needs little care as regards pruning: this plant tends to spontaneously assume a well-defined oval shape, so it only needs containment pruning and not definition of the shape.

How to grow the False Cypress Fireball

If you have purchased a sachet offire ballorfalse red cypress, you can proceed with sowing in the spring.

For those who prefer to grow in pots, choose a container with a diameter of 10 cm and then repot into containers with a diameter of 20 cm.

For those who sow in the garden, pay attention that the false cypress it has a tendency to self-sow, so as to multiply spontaneously.

In summary, the cultivation of the kelp cypress:

  • Sowing period: spring
    Sow between mid-April and mid-May
    the minimum temperature must never drop below 12 - 15 ° C (not even at night) otherwise the seeds will not be able to germinate. Conversely, high temperatures also prevent germination so don't go beyond mid-May.
  • In case of sowing in pots
    Sow a couple of seeds per container and then carry only the strongest seedling.
  • In case of sowing in flower beds
    Sow a couple of seeds every 80 cm. Even in the flower beds it will be necessary to thin out by eliminating the plant of the thinnest couple.
  • Exposure
    The cultivation of the fireball cypress is carried out in areas that are only partially sunny.

If you grow in honeycomb containers, you can bring sowing earlier to March. By sowing in a protected environment you can proceed with the planting of well-developed plants as early as May.

The alveolate containers are very economical and allow for shorter and safer germination times.

  1. Proceed to sowing in a cellular container.
  2. Use soft soil for sowing.
  3. Place two seeds in each alveolus, cover them with a layer of soil equal to their thickness (therefore a minimum quantity of soil).
  4. Irrigate very gently and sparingly.

To aid germination, repair the containers with a fleece of non-woven fabric. If you are lucky, two seedlings will germinate for each alveolus, so choose the stoutest seedling and sacrifice the thinner one.

False cypress or fireball cypress in the garden

In the garden, thefireball cypresscan be used to make bushy borders or to grow a hedge.

The very decorative leaves are also appreciated for terrace cultivation. ThereKochia Tricophyllait is a decorative plant that never completely loses its leaves. In winter it tends to lose its beauty and compactness of the hair but never completely undresses.

Fireball, characteristics of the plant

There is no confusion between the fireball cypress, the real cypress and the false cypress or Lawson cypress. Thefireball cypressbelongs to the genusKochia. The genreKochiait counts about 90 species of herbaceous and suffruticose plants, annual or perennial.

Thefireball cypressit is an ornamental species cultivated in isolation or in groups, to make low borders or particular flower beds. It is also cultivated as a pot plant because it does not reach excessive dimensions. It reaches a height of between 50 cm and 2 meters.

The fireball cypress is a semi-rustic annual plant. It is important to choose the varietyTrichophyllato see the color of the leaves turn to fiery red. Those who prefer a more compact habit and more oval shape can choose the varietyChildsii.

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