Face mask for dry skin

Face mask for dry skin

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Face mask for dry skin: from banana to cucumber, many natural remedies at almost zero cost to make the skin of the face bright and hydrated.

The skin is the body's first and main barrier against pathogens. A well hydrated facial skin is a sign of health, it is also important to know How to protect the skin from the cold.

There are many cosmetic companies that focus on the search for new formulas that can rejuvenate and protect it. However, there are many internal and external factors that can dehydrate the skin, making it dry and more exposed to premature aging.

When is facial skin prone to dehydration?

  • Among the main factors that make skin dry we find
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight
  • Excessive use of chemicals, such as makeup and soaps
  • Alcohol
  • Unbalanced and unhealthy diet

The most common beauty treatment for facial skin is that of masks.

If you are part of that group of people who love to take care of facial skin, perhaps with natural remedies and without resorting to expensive products, you may be interested in the DIY preparation techniques of the best face masks against dry skin.

There is nothing healthier for the face than a natural mask: it moisturizes and eliminates dead skin cells.

Fruits and vegetables as a mask against dry skin

Some fruits are very effective in fighting dry skin, thanks to their high water content.

If you have a well-ripened banana in your pantry you can make a moisturizing mask at almost cost. Just crush it in a bowl until you get a creamy mixture and apply the mixture on the face and neck. Leave it on for about 20 minutes then clean your face with cold water.

Another hydrating mask at almost zero cost is represented by the use of a cucumber. Who does not know the extraordinary beneficial virtues of this vegetable?

It is surprisingly suitable for those with dry skin problems, especially for those who love sunbathing. To make the cucumber moisturizing mask you need to chop the vegetable until you get a paste, leaving 2 slices aside to cover your eyes.

Spread the mixture all over your face and let it rest for about 20 minutes. Finally rinse with plenty of cold water; your skin will immediately be more hydrated and radiant.

Yogurt mask against dry skin

A very effective mask against dry skin can be made with yogurt, honey and strawberries

With the help of a spoon, crush 3 strawberries then pour them into a bowl together with the yogurt and a spoonful of honey. Mix everything well then apply the mixture on face and neck. Leave it on for about 15 minutes then remove the mask with warm water and cotton.

For an even more effective result, it is preferable to do an exfoliation with sugar and honey first.

Avocado mask against dry skin

Pour the pulp of an avocado into a bowl and add a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply the mixture on your face and neck and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Baby oil to moisturize the skin on the body

Baby oil is another extraordinary idea to combat dry skin. Sometimes it is much more effective than some body creams. It is advisable to apply a few drops of this oil all over the body, preferably after bathing, when the skin is still wet.

Almond oil for dry skin

Among the natural products in skin care we include organic almond oil. This product is readily available both in herbalist's shops and in shops that deal with organic products.

It should be applied every day; it should not cause unwanted effects. After already a week, you will notice the results: a more hydrated and radiant skin

Fight dry facial skin at no cost

To avoid having dry skin, there are not enough oils or creams to moisturize it. It is also very important that our diet is balanced and correct, especially in this way we will help our body to be well hydrated.

In this regard, we invite you to drink a good amount of water throughout the day.

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