Magma geolite

Magma geolite

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Geolite, a name that may be new to non-experts but it may be interesting to understand what it is for and what problems this natural mortar solves, especially because it is eco-friendly. In addition to having particular properties dear to those who use it, on the field, it also pleases those who look in the direction of bio architecture and of buildings ad minimal impact on the territory.

There Geolite allows those who choose it to overcome the technical and performance limits of common mortars based on cement and chemical additives and complex layered systems for the recovery of concrete. It's a classified material as geo-mortar, used for restore, shave and protect at the same time the "badly tanned" concrete transforming it through a sort of crystallization, into a block as hard as a rock.

Typical jobs in which the Geolite are those of concrete restoration, for those who care to carry them out in an eco-compatible way, with a very low content of petrochemical polymers and without organic fibers. This revolutionary mortar has low CO2 emissions and very low volatile organic substances, plus it is recyclable as a mineral inert: this means that it does not accumulate in landfills or be disposed of in a not very green way.

Geolite: what it is

As already mentioned, even if the name itself does not help to understand, it is a very particular mortar, so much so that it is defined as "geo". It is a certified, eco-friendly mineral mortar based on a special crystalline reaction binder, ideal in GreenBuilding.

It is used on concrete, to passivate, restore, smooth and protect existing structures and made with this material.

It is perhaps not evident for everyone, but we are surrounded in the true sense of the word by this type of structures, just think of the beams, pillars and slabs of many buildings, the ramps or some decorative elements that we see walking around the cities. The eaves can also be concrete and the same is true for bridges, viaducts, tunnels and hydraulic canals.

Magma geolite

Geolite magma is a pourable mortar that is always used to passivate, restore and consolidate reinforced concrete structures or infrastructures. In particular it is chosen when a very quick commissioning is required.

Among the situations closest to our daily life that we can mention in order not to make this material seem something foreign to us, there are the industrial flooring and those of the airports from which we take off for sunny destinations, many joints of the highways but also many of the classic sidewalks.

A less frequent but equally appreciated use is made of Magma geolite is related to the works to anchor and fix manholes, wells, fences, signs and various protective barriers.

Microsilicate geolite

This geolite it is often "coupled" to the previous one. Without going into too technical speeches, when you go to intervene on a concrete structure that has deteriorated over time, due to the swelling of the reinforcement iron, we intervene first with the G. magma and then with G. Microsilicate.

The latter is entrusted with the finishing action of the painting, in fact it is able to decorate and protect crystallization ensuring the monolithic continuity of the entire restoration and at the same time ensuring continuous transpiration.

Asphalt geolite

This third type of Geolite is confirmed as eco-friendly and is characterized by a black color, perfect for being applied on the roads. Like the others, it contains very few petrochemical polymers and zero organic fibers.

Magma geolite: price

We find the Geolite for sale usually in 25 kg bags. There may be offers from time to time regarding some varieties among those seen or others not mentioned but the indicative price is around 20 euros for every 25 kg of this material.

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