Self-adhesive floor

Self-adhesive floor

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Self-adhesive floor: opinions, costs and possible installation with do-it-yourself methods. Here's how to change the floor of the house using adhesive coatings.

Those who want to change the flooring in the house and save on labor, can point to different solutions do-it-yourself. From resins for coverings, to floating floors with interlocking laying (parquet slats and strips, bamboo, multilayer, laminate ...); the self-leveling floors to which we have dedicated this guide are also very easy to installSelf-leveling floors, do-it-yourself installation. Even simpler to lay are theself-adhesive floorsor vinyl flooring.

Self-adhesive vinyl floor, what is it

Theself-adhesive floorit is composed of an artificial polymer, obtained through the distillation of petroleum and sodium chloride; this polymer is commonly known asPVC, better definedpolyvinyl chloride.

Those who prefer DIY can point to avinyl floorself-adhesive multilayer.

Theself adhesive vinyl flooringit comes in a great variety of colors, textures and sizes. Who wants aimitation wood flooror in faux marble, can point precisely to this material: the vinyl it gives the possibility to imitate any natural material. The most advanced computer graphics allow the perfect simulation of the wood grain not only from an aesthetic point of view, ivinyl flooringmore expensive also manage to give a tactile experience similar to that of the reference material (wood, bamboo, marble ..).

However, it must be borne in mind that PVC, as a derivative of petroleum, has potential contraindications related to its toxicity: this is, for example, the opinion of Greenpeace, whose report you can read "PVC: what's wrong“.

Other research would argue instead that PVC is more sustainable than other natural products, even if these studies seem to have been commissioned by the producers themselves and therefore with potential conditioning. In this interesting article published on you can read the opinions of who is in favor and who is against the use of PVC.

Self-adhesive flooring, opinions on functionality

There are on the marketblades and tiles, the blades are very popular to simulate wooden slats and strips, while the square shapes can take up marble or tiles of various kinds. According to expert opinion, the advantages of apvc floorI'm:

  • the wide choice offered in the field of textures and colors.
  • Simplicity in DIY installation which is quick and easy.
  • Possibility of obtaining extremely realistic colors.
  • Safety and practicality. In fact, these are safe, non-slip floors that do not need particular maintenance.
  • Possibility to renovate the house without having to carry out real renovations.
  • They are able to create a warm, silent and comfortable floor to walk on.

The DIY pose of thepvc floorit's very simple. Theself adhesive vinyl flooringit is laid directly on a smooth and even surface. The self-adhesive bottom guarantees perfect bonding but only if the bottom (the old floor below) is clean and uniform.

Thepvc flooris it scratch resistant?

To make thevinylscratch resistant is a protective coating made with special paints or resins.

The pvc floor is it water resistant?

Yes, so iself adhesive vinyl flooringthey can also be installed in the bathroom and in areas with greater contact with water and humidity.

The pvc floor does it need particular maintenance?

Thanks to the surface protective layer, thevinyl floorit can be cleaned with simple warm water to which a neutral detergent is added.

For thecleaning of pcv floorsit is not possible to use solvents, acetone, treline or other aggressive detergents.

To avoid that the tips of the chairs or that some furniture can stain and damage the vinyl floors, they must be equipped with small plastic discs that are easily available on the market.

Pvc flooring, costs and DIY installation

Thepricepcv strips vary according to quality and imitated textures. Since you are going to save heavily on installation costs, don't be afraid to choose more expensive models. Just to get an idea of ​​the cost per square meter of a self-adhesive floor, we invite you to visit the official Amazon page dedicated to vinyl floors:

You will notice the prices of vinyl floors that imitate particular types of wood such as white maple, oak or oak; there is no shortage of imitations of marble, linoleum ...

The same material can be used to cover walls.

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