Hair dye - how harmful they are

Hair dye - how harmful they are

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Therehair dyeit is very widespread but it is not withoutcontraindications. Here's how harmful hair dyes are and how they're bad for your health.

Traces ofhair dyeshave been found in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians, evidence of their ancient diffusion. At one time, thehair dyesit consisted of oils mixed with pigments (of vegetable or animal origin) capable of changing hair color. Even the women of ancient Greece used to dye their hair, they did it with the same natural dyes used to color wool. Today things have changed, thehair dyesthey exploit synthetic products of various "nature" that have little to do with natural pigmentations.

Hair dye, does it hurt?

Thehair dyesmoreharmfulthey are the “permanent ones. In fact, on the market there are temporary dyes, semi-permanent dyes and permanent dyes, to be clear, those used by those who want cover white hair.

Temporary hair dye, lasts only one shampoo

Theredyeingtemporary, they have a short duration, can be removed with a single shampoo and are not very harmful. Temporary dyes are used to give hair a darker or lighter shade, they cannot completely change a color. Those with little white hair, for example, can mitigate the problem by taking advantage of these temporary dyes.

Thedyestemporary are made with dyes similar to those used by the textile industry, they do little damage to the hair because they have a short residence time and only rarely cause allergies.

Semi-permanent hair dye, lasts from 6 to 10 shampoos

Theresemi-permanent dyeit lasts from 6 to 10 washes. In the world of hairstyles they are used to slightly modify the natural color of the hair. They are used to change the hair color by one or two shades. Again they can be useful in people with little white hair to cover (less than 30%).

Thesemi-permanent dyesthey can be not very harmful and this depends on the origin. On the market there are hair dyes based on chemical compounds ordyes of vegetable origin. Henna is also asemi-permanent dye.

Henna, a plant extract obtained from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant; the natural henna-based dye is a semi-permanent dye capable of offering mahogany red highlights to the hair and covering gray hair.

On the market there are blends of henna with other natural and plant extracts that give dyes capable of giving reflections of different shades or intensifying the natural color to all types of hair, whether they are blond, brown or black.

Permanent dyes: harmful to the hair

Therepermanent dyeisharmfulfor the hair shaft, i.e. for the innermost part of the hair. Thepermanent dyesthey are used to cover gray hair or to radically change the natural color of the hair.

Through an oxidation process, they are able to dye the hair in a lasting way: the color will never be removed from the shampoo and the user will only have to provide the so-called "regrowth“.

They do not exist permanent dyesthat do not hurt because they all contain paraphenylenediamine or its derivatives, a substance that can cause dermatitis, hypersensitize the skin of the hair and trigger allergies.

Hair dye and tumor

In recent years there has been talk of an increased risk oftumorsin correlation with the use ofpermanent dyes. The researchers studied a possible mechanism of action of the compounds contained in permanent dyes. In reality, what they observed is mere evidence: there would be a possible association between the use of permanent dyes over a long period of time (number of years) and based on the frequency of uro (how often the dye is 'span of one year).

Research has found that frequent and prolonged use of hair dye may be more exposed to certain cancers such as bladder cancer, leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.



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