How to peel onions without crying

How to peel onions without crying

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How to peel onions without crying, we often ask ourselves this, given that they are a very easy ingredient to find in recipes and at the same time having to insert it in a dish involves a series of drawbacks. The first of all are onion tears which, together with those of crocodile, would be better avoided.

How To Peel Onions Without Crying Quickly

To understand How to peel onions without crying it is good to know why this happens, this can help us find tricks and remedies. As they develop onions absorb sulfur, this leads them to release a substance called allinase and gases that irritate the eyes when they are peeled.

No sadness, no moment of emotion, therefore, but only a physical reaction to contact or proximity to these substances.

In order not to waste too much time and understand immediately How to peel onions without crying we begin to keep them away from the face avoiding rubbing the eyes after we have touched them, taking care to peel the onion before slicing it and to get rid of the peel itself as soon as possible. Obviously reminding us that separate collection it is important and it goes into the wet. Before dividing the onion in half and then into slices, let's wet it under water

cold, even after the first cut, immerse it again leaving it to soak the part we don't handle right away. Once we have learned How to peel onions without crying and having peeled and cut the first half, we can replicate with the second put the small pieces obtained in a pan with lid.

How to peel onions without crying: the trick

There are numerous tricks on How to peel onions without crying but those that prove most effective are two, simple and practical. The first is the preserve the onion for a quarter of an hour in the refrigerator first, then rinse it under cold water and, finally, get to work.

The second trick on How to peel onions without crying it is even more "extreme": let's do it directly under the tap, trying not to waste too much water! Better to use a basin.

How to peel onions without crying: tips

Grandma's remedies on How to peel onions without crying they can be found everywhere, in books and magazines, online and even chatting with experienced chefs. For example, there are those who argue that the best procedure is to turn on one candle near the cutting board slice first because the flame would attract the annoying gases.

If we are wondering How to peel onions without crying and the minutes are counted, fill a glass with water and vinegar by dividing the vegetable into two or four parts and sprinkling the mix on the pulp in order to "deactivate" the harmful gases.

How to peel onions without crying: recipes

When we learn, How to peel onions without crying and we are able to do it with ease, we are rewarded with the goodness of recipes which contain this ingredient. And then we can indulge ourselves with simple and winning dishes like the onion omelette, with the variant reminiscent of Spanish tapas, the omelette potatoes and onions, the tortilla de patatas.

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