Chrysler Portal, between concept and reality

Chrysler Portal, between concept and reality

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Chrysler Portal: all information onconcept carof the groupFiat Chrysler. Autonomy, innovation and market release.

Chrysler Portalit's the first one electric car conceived by the FCA group, presented at the 2017 edition of CES, the important event in Las Vegas dedicated to the world of technology.

No wonder the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group chose CES 2017 to debut its electric concept car: thePortalit is a true concentrate of technology and innovation.

ThereChrysler Portalit stands out for its autonomous driving and particular human-machine interfaces but, at first glance, its futuristic design surprises.

ThereChrysler Portalit will not remain a concept car: its production should start by the end of 2017. Of its technological style, we do not know what the production version will keep! In all likelihood, if the design is retouched, the mechanical component will remain almost unchanged.

Chrysler Portal, autonomy

The battery pack is able to provide a range of 400 kilometers and, thanks to fast recharge, in just 20 minutes it will be possible to ensure the car has a range of 240 km.

Chrysler Portal and autonomous driving

The Fiat-Chrysler group, along with Google and Waymo, has started a series of projects to test the autonomous driving but the technology is still immature for its large-scale debut on the automotive market.

It is to be excluded that theChrysler Portalwhich will go into production by the end of 2017 will be equipped with fully autonomous driving technology.

In 2017, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid will debut with theautonomous driving total. The Pacifica Hybrid is the result of the collaboration between Fiat Chrysler, Google and Waymo: in 2017 100 examples will be produced, all equipped with the necessary equipment for autonomous driving, consisting of specific sensors, radars, cameras and computers. In the future, the same technology - with the necessary updates - can also be seen on theChrysler Portal.

For now, thePortal electric caris equipped with aautonomous drivingonlypartial. When it comes toautonomous drivingin fact, there are five levels listed. For the Chrysler PortalLevel 3 is announced, which requires the presence and intervention of the driver.

For a later stage, the Portal, is planned to adopt a system ofautonomous drivinglevel 4 which further frees the driver. Fully autonomous driving requires a level 5 system.

Chrysler Portal, equipment

Thereconcept caris talked about for the many innovations it hosts on board. Among the many, we point out theZoned Audiowhich allows the two occupants of the front seats to listen to different music without disturbing each other.

Cameras are not just external to the car! To date, car cameras have managed to ensure good driving assistance on thePortalthere is room for cameras also on board with the possibility of accessing new functions ... The possibility of capturing selfies on board or seeing a facial and voice recognition system cannot be excluded. It would be nice to sit in the driver's seat and already have the adjustments (seat, rearview mirrors and steering wheel) you want, without pressing any buttons!

The on-board displays use OLED technology and are fully integrated into the on-board console. The dashboard forms a single element that incorporates any instrument and command, from the management of the on-board multimedia system to the ventilation outlets.

Chrysler Portal, six-seater body

Thereconcept car Portalwas presented with sliding glass doors. Most likely, in reality, the only sliding doors of the car will be the rear ones as already seen with the Ford B Max (Photo visible below).

The hypothesis of opposite opening doors as already seen on the BMW i3 electric car (photo shown below) should be excluded. Opposite opening doors would not be compatible with the body of thePortal.

ThereChrysler Portalit will be more than oneelectric car: it is a six-seater designed for large families and for those who need a lot of space, the doors will certainly slide but probably only those that allow access to the rear seats. The car guarantees good space for all six occupants of the passenger compartment - the wheelbase is 3 meters.

The front sliding doors leave no room for side mirrors, but in the future they won't be needed anymore! Instead of the classic rear-view mirrors, the system makes roomMirro Cam System, a solution based on a single video camera that replaces both external side mirrors.

Chrysler Portal, exit

There are no official communications. Our forecasts see the release of theChrysler Portalwithin the first half of 2018.

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