How to save notebook battery

How to save notebook battery

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How to save notebook battery: Tips to increase the battery life of your laptop. Effective and straight tricks.

We've all been there: low battery is the technological drama of our generation!It is really hard to see the charging indicator flashing or red, which drops to more than 20 percent.

On this page we will reveal the gods tricks to make the battery last longer of your notebook, without having to download software that blocks the fans and can undermine the stability of your computer.

If you are interested in programs that can manage your computer in order to optimize consumption and increase battery life, I invite you to read the pagenotebook battery freeware,it is free programs capable of extend the battery life of laptops.

How to save notebook battery

Treat the battery well

To prevent the computer battery from wearing out prematurely, do smart recharges: put the computer on charge before the battery drops below 20% autonomy and bring it up to 80%. This trick will reduce the memory effect.

Battery Saver or Eco Mode

For this advice it does not take a genius. If you want to conserve the battery of your notebook, activate ECO mode. In addition, if possible, further decrease the brightness of the display.

Close tabs and programs

When it comes to saving battery power, ram also plays its part! Close all open tabs and programs. Keep only the essentials active in the background.

Deactivate the superfluous

Bluetooth, wi-fi, backlit keyboard, audio… turn off anything that is not in use. Also deactivate the devices not in use (any printers, external hard disk, secondary hard disk ...).

Suitable candidates for the computer battery power savingare the graphics card (located under the video card), the optical drive (found in DVD / CD-ROM drives), Ethernet and Wi-Fi adapters (found in Network cards). Stop any devices you don't use. Select and click "Disable" from the drop-down menu.

Save what you owe and also disable everything connected to your USB ports.

Optimize the screen

Many laptops have keys dedicated to managing the brightness of the display, if not, you can adjust the brightness from the control panel. Reducing the display brightness to 50 percent can save you a significant amount of time!

If you are not editing photos, you do not need all the details offered by a 1080p or higher display. Lower your screen resolution, if you're desperate, settle for the base resolution of 1.366-768 (or even lower). It will save you a lot of battery.

External emergency battery

If yourslaptop computerit is equipped with a removable external battery, you can consider the idea of ​​buying a second or even a third battery to be used if necessary. Of course, to insert the emergency battery you are forced to turn off the notebook, insert the charged battery and then turn the computer back on, but it will be worth it! In those moments you would do anything for a few hours of extra use… let alone a reboot!

If your notebook does not have a removable battery, or as an alternative to spare batteries, you can choose an external accumulator commonly calledEnergy Storage or Power Bank, these are real batteries with enough power to support a complete recharge cycle of their ownnotebook.

Power banks are very popular for smartphones, tablets and other small devices; however, these accumulators are much rarer (and more expensive) when it comes to supplying power to anotebook.

Among the most convenient proposals on the market, we point out the MaxoA battery ready to recharge any notebook even on the beach or in the open countryside. Included is a neoprene pouch for the same laptop charger for notebookand a plug kit compatible with most brands of laptop, ie Sony, Dell, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer… It is not compatible with Apple computers that carry magnetic power cables.

The device in question has a capacity of 50,000 mAh and can be bought on Amazon at a price of 135.99 euros with free shipping.

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