Food expiry: when the food is still good

Food expiry: when the food is still good

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Expiry foods, there are those who control it obsessively and those who instead don't care and proceed by nose. And then there are many people, more and more fortunately, who prefer to be informed and adopt a balanced behavior. Without throwing away food that is still good to eat but not even risking to get sick by consuming at all costs foods that have lost their beneficial properties and can also cause discomfort. We want to belong to this third category.

Food expiry: legislation

Without going too deeply into what sense is meant Expiry foods, you risk throwing in the garbage even those that look or are only "theoretically".

This is also because there is no univocal way to indicate the date after which a food is no longer edible, on the various packages, you can in fact notice different words from time to time. It is not the same to say "Consume preferably by", or indicate the "Expiration date" or read "To be consumed before".

If on the para package of "Expiration date", It means that after that day it is not safe to eat that food,"To be consumed before"Invites us not to go beyond the deadline indicated while" dto be consumed preferably by"Is a more serene advice, aware that even after the date indicated, the food is still edible.

There is a legal obligation to indicate the Expiry foods on food products, the "how" depends on the type but the information must be provided and we must demand it.

If we are faced with fresh products, the Expiry foods is the date beyond which they are not suitable for consumption even if stored as recommended, fresh meats and cheeses, fresh milk and dairy products, pastapackaged, however, must by law bear the words "to be consumed by" with date and storage conditions. They cannot be sold expired!

However, when it comes to foods that are not perishable quickly, then the mandatory wording is "to be consumed preferably by" followed by minimum conservation term. Said TMC, in short, is the period of time in which a properly stored food maintains its characteristics.

As we gradually relax, let's move on to those products that keep for 3-18 months on which it is enough to indicate only the month and year of Expiry foods. It only serves one year if it is food that can be stored for over a year and a half.

Edible foods after expiration: list

Achieving the Expiry foods it shouldn't automatically lead us to throw them away. Let's stop for a second to evaluate what in some cases the food expiry means even for those of daily use that we ourselves are able to evaluate, also referring to the grandmother's remedies.

The milk even expired, you can drink it if it does not emit a bad smell eggs they are to be considered expired if they float when we immerse them in a bowl of water. The yogurt it can be eaten even after six weeks beyond the date marked on the package and formaggio, if hard or seasoned, even with mold it remains edible, just scrape it away!

Bread and fruit sometimes they do not have an expiry date and we can adapt to avoid wasting them, the first, even if stale, can be heated in the oven, fruit, as well as vegetables, if it is neither mold nor mushy, I don't see why throw it away.

Wide sleeve on the Expiry foods indicated it should be used with fish and frozen dishes, which can be eaten up to 2 months after the date, and also with pasta, dry biscuits.

There are also cases in which the food expiry seems almost impossible to reach, as happens for the chocolate, almost eternal thanks to the sugar contained, the chips, well preserved by salt, the Ketchup, which lasts even a year beyond the expiration date, and the rice that lasts months beyond the date indicated if stored under vacuum.

Foods with no expiration date

There are also cases in which the absence of the Expiry foods non-violation of the law. Just think about the alcoholic beverages, atvinegar, to the salt, at sugar and ai chewingum.

On the contrary, there are some products that don't even need to look at the expiration date so quickly they become inedible, such as fresh fish and fresh meat, carpaccio in the first place.

Food waste law

The new anti-waste law food is strongly linked to good information on Expiry foods. This is why it is important to deepen both issues by reading the article "Anti-waste law"With the innovations approved in 2016.

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