Plant with a twisted stem

Plant with a twisted stem

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Plant with a twisted stem: how to weave the stems of Ficus benjamina and Pachira. Price of the aquatic pachira and ficus.

There are severalplants with intertwined stemsthat we can observe from a nursery, the ones that are most suitable for cultivation in the home are two:

  • the aquatic pachira
  • the ficus benjamin

Plants with intertwined stems

Theindoor ornamental plantswith iintertwined stemsthey manage to create a unique and artistic texture that, looking at it, looks like a big braid.

As stated, generally theintertwining of the stemit is performed on the aquatic pachira or the ficus benjamina, however there are several ornamental species that lend themselves to the weaving technique. The instructions described on this page apply toweave the stem of the aquatic Pachira, of Ficus benjamin and all species characterized by stems with soft and flexible wood. Maple and hibiscus can also have a moldable stem with relative ease

Intertwining of branches and stems

The intertwining of branches and stems is a long process that requires a lot of patience. L'intertwiningit must be performed on young plants characterized by stems with soft and delicate tissues. Young plants do not have a completely lignified stem and are therefore still malleable.

If you have one at homeaquatic pachiraor aficus benjaminno longer very young, so we advise you not to try: the lignified stems tend to break easily so avoid trying.

How to weave a pachirathe plant of luck

Thereaquatic pachira, known asfortune plant, can be woven easily. To start, you can buy a pachira seedling with two or three basal stems or three pachira plants of the thick species and variety.

Buy the three plants, you will have to flare them and put them in a single pot. The implant must be done at close range. The instructions forintertwining of the pachira stemare also valid forweave the ficus benjamin.

Between ficus and pachira, if you have not yet purchased the plants, prefer the pachira which develops with greater speed. L'intertwining of ficus stemsneeds more time.

Buy plants less than one year old. The plants used must have the same age, the same height (about 50 cm) and the same diameter as the stem. Only using perfectly identical (and young) plants will it be possible to obtain aintertwininghomogeneous and orderly

How to weave the trunkstep by step instructions

Observe the seedlings, first of all, remove all the shoots and leaves that are in the lower part of the plant. The stems, for the first 30 cm of height, must be completely free from potential jets. Leave only the tallest leaves.

Use a soft tie to tie the three seedlings together. The knot must be tight enough to hold the stems close together. The tie is placed at the base.

Proceedintertwiningbetween them the stems. Within a few years, the stems will lignify and bond to create a compact braid that will thrive as if it were a singletrunk.

The weave is then also fixed at the top, just below the leaves, with another soft tie. During growth, the intertwined seedlings will need to be punctualpruning: ibraided trunksthey will never have to develop side branches and therefore you will have to prune away any shoots. Any branch or jet will need to be severed at the base.

If you are a beginner ...
Even if the effect with four or more trunks has a greater visual impact, we do not recommend trying a weave with more than three trunks!

Aquatic Pachira, price

The price of oneaquatic pachirafrom the intertwined stem can vary greatly depending on the number of trunks, the age of the plant and especially the nursery that offers it. If you are looking for an aquatic pachira at a good price, buying and selling online cannot be ruled out.

For example, on Amazon, an aquatic pachira from 45 - 50 cm in height, with a braided trunk (these are 4 braided stems!) Is offered at a price of 14.34 euros with shipping costs included in the price. A very low price considering that in the nurseries in my area (Salerno) I could not find a pachira with a braided trunk with three stems for less than 25 euros! Ikea itself sells aquatic pachiras with braided stem (four trunks) at a price of 30 euros for each plant of about 40 cm.

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