DIY grow box

DIY grow box

DIY grow box: how to build onegrow boxcomplete for growing plants with artificial lighting and controlled ventilation.

When it comes toindoor cultivationit can be very useful to build a do-it-yourself grow box or even set up a grow room, a room for growing plants.

Grow box, what it is and how it is made

The termgrow boxliterally meansgrowth box. In agrowbox, in fact, the ideal growth environment of certain plants is recreated.

Thegrow boxfor the indoor cultivation of hemp, chilli, carnivorous plants and other tree species incompatible with the climate of our territory.

Agrow boxconsists of fundamental elements such as:

  • Plant lamps
  • Timer
  • Aspirator
  • Suction tube
  • Cooling fan
  • Power supply / source of electricity

It's possiblebuild a grow boxwith DIY or buy a ready-made one. A complete, small-sized grow box can be bought with costs starting from 80 euros. With a budget of 80 euros, you can have a very modest grow box, not only small but also with a discreet light source and no air exchange system.

On Amazon, a good onekit to build a grow boxequipped with aspirator, fan and led / agro lamp (excellent for both the vegetative growth phase and the flowering phase) it can be bought with 123.12 euros. The kit refers to a grow box with a 40 × 40 base and a height of 120 cm, useful for growing a single well-developed hemp plant (or two smaller plants), the same for chilli plants. For all information, please refer to the official Amazon page: GrowBox Kit with LED.

Build a DIY grow box

If you do not want to buy an assembly kit like the one reported in the next paragraph, formake a growboxyou will need specific products such as:

  • A box or a crate
    for a large growbox you can recycle a wooden cabinet or cabinet!
  • Sheets in silver mylar
    if you want to save money, use aluminum kitchen foil
  • Lamp, socket and reflector
    for the choice of the most suitable lamp you can read "Lamps for plants".
  • Programmable timer
  • Small fan for ventilation
  • AluFlex aspirator and hose
  • Electric wire
  • Scotch tape

The box you choose (or the cabinet) must have a base wide enough to accommodate the pots you intend to grow inside theDIY growbox.

For the height of the box, calculate that from the tip of the plant and the lamp there must be at least 40 cm, 20 cm is enough for LED lamps. The light must be positioned centrally on the ceiling so that it can reach any corner of the DIY growbox.

If you prefer, your box may not have a bottom: in this case you can place the plants on the floor and place the box on it by letting it drop from above.

The timer must guarantee 14 hours of light a day and then you can program the activation and deactivation of the lamp. The light to be provided to the plants should range from a minimum of twelve hours up to a maximum of fifteen hours in total.

Placed on one side of the box, at the bottom, place a fan (similar to the one used in the PC) and add an aspirator with a flexible hose to allow the saturated air to escape.

The inside of yoursDIY grow boxit should be coated with a material such as Mylar sheets which is very reflective. Alternatively you can use thesilver kitchen paperwhich must be spread with great care.

The consumption of agrowboxmainly depend on the lamp. A single LED lamp will provide you with enough light to support the growth of your plant with little impact on consumption.

Who has an old computer to recycle, can use the PC case to make a very small grow box like the one shown above.

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