Raw food: what it is and benefits

Raw food: what it is and benefits

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Raw food or raw food, a fashion or a healthy, conscious choice based on scientific reasoning? Before condemning it, or adopting it, let's see what it is. Just so as not to fill our mouths with a word that leaves us dry mouths and empty stomachs, or too full.

Raw food: what it is

It is a food choice, those who are raw food prefer raw food, or better to say "live". This is not meant to swallow live fish and still scurrying insects, "alive" means that they have fully preserved their vitamin and energy potential.

This idea is not new, or rather, it is a recent trend but not invented from scratch by some creative. It comes from ancient times: man, since his origins, has eaten Raw food, when the fire did not exist, and his diet was based on fruits, vegetables and raw foods.

It was the Americans who dusted off this food conduct, as it has taken hold all over the world, everyone can become raw food, there are no age limits, the important thing is don't convert to new habits all of a sudden. Raw food is approached in small steps, often those who do it are already vegetarian or vegan, or even fruitarian.

Raw food: benefits

Whether or not the Raw food, it is known that often cooking a food decreases its nutritional powers and benefits, sometimes even halving them. It would be like buying a book and being able to read only the odd pages! This is why raw food is appreciated, because guarantees a diet rich in fiber and nutrients but at the same time free of complex sugars and intoxicated fats.

It should therefore be clarified that the Raw food it does not involve weight loss or a "starvation" diet, it is a well-balanced regime, if you follow it with awareness. Simply, cooking is prevented from modifying the chemical structure of foods, oxidizing natural fats and distorting proteins. Between benefits of Raw food his too anti aging action, moreover the vitamins are not dispersed, the enzymes remain intact and we do not accumulate toxins that are difficult to dispose of.

Raw food: recipes

It is important, when following a regime such as that of Raw food, learn to choose combinations so that there is no lack of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for sustenance and to stay healthy. In creating your own raw food diet be careful not to overdo it with condiments and dried fruit, a risk you run when you think you won't eat enough.

Most of the recipes of Raw foods are based on raw fruits and vegetables, actually this diet is composed as follows: 75-80% of fruit, 10-20% of vegetables (preferably green leafy) and a 5% of nuts and seeds. When starting, not everything should be eliminated immediately, raw meat and fish remain, then gradually they are replaced by something else so that the the process of "detoxification" is gradual. Otherwise we could suffer from headaches, colds, nausea, weakness and diarrhea.

The Raw food provides even 5 or 6 meals a day, since they are always foods with low sugars. The ones that are the most popular are the centrifuged, here are the most appetizing recipes.

Raw food Italy

Raw food from America to Italy took a long time to arrive, but it arrived and was immediately liked. Between vegetarians and vegans, above all, as has happened in other countries, but also among those who have done the math by deciding not to cook so as not to waste precious substances. On line there are several sites on this subject and communities of cooks that suggest how approach raw food in a correct way.

Raw food: books

Those who prefer to leaf through a book in paper and cover, can dive into an exhaustive and precious volume, which can also be purchased on Amazon: "Raw food. Complete guide to discovering the properties of raw foods”By Christine Bailey.

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