Social phobia test and natural remedies

Social phobia test and natural remedies

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Social phobia, even if it is said that man is a social animal, it may be that something gets stuck inside, due to external factors but also not, and a person begins to fail to relate naturally with others. What happens? And above all, like to act to become social animals again?

Social phobia: meaning

Often social phobia is linked to excessive anxiety that one feels when being with others and triggers fears and fears of both being judged and being avoided. Whatever happens, who suffers from Social phobia he sees the looks aimed at himself, grim looks that examine his every action with the intent of finding an error.

The fears that lead to these situations are various but all similar, there is that of being humiliated, of being embarrassed, of being in the center of attention but in a negative way. For this the Social phobia it causes people to avoid every occasion in which they have to get involved.

It is easy to confuse this problem with a simple shyness or confidentiality to which one has a right. The difference lies in the fact that those who are reserved and want to be, choose and do not suffer, who has a social phobia suffers and how.

Social phobia: symptoms

Blushes and stutters, sufferers of Social phobia, think thateveryone is watching it and that at the slightest mistake everyone will criticize and make fun of him. He sees gossips and whispers against him in the mouths of all present, projects criticism that he thinks he deserves on those around him.

If you become aware of this projection mechanism, you are on horseback and you can start working on your phobia, unhinging a psychological dynamics that is chaining.

Those who become socially anxious always feel responsible for failures and never recognize the merit of successes, it is good to start think locally, confronting themselves to realize that not the whole world depends on us alone. Even what happens to us it is not always directly and solely our "fault". You can start from everyday moments, for example from the clusters that form among colleagues, those in which, if you create a moment of silence or embarrassment, it is NOT our fault.

Social phobia: test

To understand if ours is Social phobia, let's try to take notes in a whole day of the moments when we think that someone is staring at us negatively, criticizing or judging us. We write time, occasion and person. In the evening just give a look at the list to see if we are exaggerating or less.

Social phobia: natural remedies

One of the first steps to take to address the Social phobia and getting out of it is that of relaxation. It is a bit like preparing the ground and then building a Self that does not always tremble atidea of ​​being judged.

There are many techniques to achieve a state of relaxation once healed from Social phobia they remain useful when difficult situations and moments of extreme excessive anxiety occur. They mainly consist in learning to breathe properly, at the bottom and not only with the upper chest, music can also help us relax like the walking in the green.

The second step is the smile, in the morning, together with breakfast, as essential as this meal. A smile in the mirror, because very often the negative message against ourselves comes from ourselves, and it is also true that if we are insecure and discouraged, our attitude will automatically be more clumsy and awkward, thus more easily attracting any criticism and increasing the likelihood of making gaffes.

Social phobia: cure

There are varying degrees of Social Phobia, but what is certain is that it is fear and the only way to eliminate it is to face it. Not suddenly and definitively, expecting it to disappear in a flash, but step by step, without losing the step. Every day a small concrete conquest must be made.

The maximum would be take note, so that the awareness of the successes obtained gives us the energy to continue obtaining others. This is essential in the beginning, when the road seems endless and the fear is insurmountable.

Let's get it in your head that if we suffer from Social phobia we are not condemned for life to loneliness and isolation. We can react, being in company and interacting gradually more and more until we are able to expose ourselves in speeches and propose ourselves in populated contexts. Nothing wrong with feeling the need for support from a psychotherapist. Just don't get too fixated on yourself, instead trying to look around, to understand that most people have more to deal with than watching our moves with a mocking expression.

Social phobia: books

Those who love manuals and prefer a good read instead of a human consultant can buy on Amazon "10 solutions to defeat shyness and social anxiety”By Martin M. Antony.

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