Sour saliva and bad breath

Sour saliva and bad breath

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Sour saliva, not pleasant for the effect it has on the breath, but also harmful to our teeth. It's important understand the pH of our saliva and investigate the reasons, our diet may need to be changed.

Sour saliva and bad breath

There are several factors that act on the pH of saliva, one of them is certainly the degree of oral hygiene that we can guarantee, but also the type of diet and any pathologies we suffer from, can affect the final result.

Once the pH is measured, it is important to monitor it in order to not have acidic saliva because it is a risk factor for caries, it tends to erode the dental enamel and often causes dentinal hypersensitivity. Under a pH of 5.5, we officially have acid saliva and we must intervene in order to be within the correct and recommended values, starting with lOral hygiene and nutrition.

Acidic or basic saliva

If the acidic saliva is unwelcome to the teeth, even the basic one, if too basic, it has its drawbacks. In fact, a salivary pH that is too alkaline makes it easier for the mineral salts present both in food and saliva to be deposited, this leads to a faster mineralization of bacterial plaque and the formation of tartar.

We therefore aim for the neutrality of our saliva, hence the pH must oscillate between 6.3 and 6.8, taking into account that if we are women, we will have less acidic values ​​than men, a physiological characteristic that however concerns small variations. Beyond sex, acidic saliva should be avoided, while remaining tolerant if we observe slight, frequent and even predictable oscillations since we are not robots.

Acid saliva: test

There is a test to understand if we have acid saliva, so we must not rely on simple sensations or on the bitterness in the mouth that an event can leave us! The test must be performed either before meals or one hour after eating, you have to buy some nitrazine paper e apply the saliva to be analyzed.

At this point, the color that pops up is the verdict, the map turns blue, saliva is alkaline, otherwise it is acidic. With a little tolerance, we talk about acidic saliva when the pH has values ​​below 6.3, it is basic when it exceeds 6.8.

When the test tells us that we have acidic saliva, we begin to better choose the foods at the base of our diet. For example, we increase the consumption of apricots, oranges, avocados, lemons, corn, melons, honey. Conversely, if our saliva is too alkaline, slightly alkaline, space for asparagus, cocoa, coffee, chickpeas, milk, legumes, peppers, fish, eggs and sugar.

Acid saliva in children

Even the little ones can have a Incorrect pH and often it is due to a not very healthy diet. Too rich in sugar and poor in fruit. There are other causes, however, such as stress and obesity, strong and negative emotions such as anger and fear, or drugs, even the banal aspirin.

Saliva acid remedies

The remedy for acidic saliva is ahealthy and balanced diet, without too much fast food and too many fatty foods, with very little beef and pork and instead large quantities of pineapple, avocado, bananas, lemons, apples, pears, grapefruits, grapes and vegetables. We abound with fresh fruit and vegetables, which also reduce acidosis, adopting, if we do not already have it, a healthy lifestyle, with regular physical activity.

We can avoid acid saliva by taking more then care of our oral hygiene. The rules for brushing your teeth, how and when, are to be known and the dentist can recommend products and habits that adapt to the characteristics of our body. Help also comes from Amazon, which offers a 10 euro agile tongue cleaner.

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