Cats in a condominium: rules

Cats in a condominium: rules

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Cats in condominium, sometimes well received, sometimes hated by neighbors, whether they are owned or guests in common areas. Or cautious presences in the condominium gardens, where some secret lover of felines bring them food. Today, that in Italy over 50% of families have an animal in the house, very often a cat, if not a dog, there are rules that define the rights and duties of condominiums. Those with a cat, and those who don't want their neighbors to have one.

Cats in condominium rules

A has been in place for over 4 years condominium law "Reformed" which finally says clearly that the pet is an integral part of the family. The last paragraph of article 1138 reads: "the rules of the regulation cannot prohibit the possession or keeping of pets".

This means that, willy-nilly, the anti-cat neighbors cannot influence our choice. Before this reform, there were no national or even local directives, so every single building in its own regulation included a voice for or against Cats in a condominium.

Today instead it is not possible to prohibit the possession of pets in their own homes, even if all but one resident families join forces against the presence of Cats in condominium. However, it is not specified how to manage common use spaces within the condominium, a holiday that leaves room for many quarrels between condominiums: if for some there are common areas that can be used by their pets, others see it differently.

Cats in a condominium property

As family members, i Cats in condominium of property cannot be banned, unless, if we are renting, there is a clause in the contract that establishes the prohibition. In this case, you cannot force it, otherwise welcome cat!

Of course, for a quiet life, and for a spirit of civilization, it is good to respect those who live next to us by limiting the disturbance that the Cats in a condominium property could cause. Spaces for public use, for example, must not be used anarchically as if they were the balcony of the house. And if we know that our cat is aggressive or scratches when he sees a stranger, we try not to let him come into contact with other condominiums.

Cats in free condominium

That of common areas and of Cats in condominium it is a sensitive issue. On the regulatory side, any condominium regulation that contains bans for pets to use common areas such as lifts or stairs, can be canceled with recourse to the Justice of the Peace within 30 days of the resolution by presenting a letter on plain paper with an explanation of the facts.

On the one hand, it is true that the cat is quite independent, so it can happen that it wanders where it wishes even without the knowledge of its owner. Of course, those who may not love cats and want to stay in common areas should not be forced to live with a feline. If instead we have neighbors who feel like uncles of ours Cats in condominium, we can install a set of bowls so that they become a common good for anyone who wants to relax by pampering them.

Stray cats in condominium

There are Cats in condominium who sometimes choose to be, without anyone having authorized them. If the idea may sound wonderful, despite being a dispassionate cat lover, I must admit that this presence can also become difficult to manage.

For example Cats in condominium strays can also cause loud noises in the night, poor hygiene or damage. It is necessary to evaluate the situation and understand if it is better to try to "tame them" or to convince them to change areas.

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