You're crazy to eat it: review

You're crazy to eat it: review

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You are crazy to eat it. How many times do we hear it, how many times are we to say it or want to scream it in front of someone who is devouring a "crap" with satisfied unconsciousness. If there are “crap” declared and known to almost everyone, by now, so much so that they have become emblematic of the category called “junk food”, there are even more deceptive and mimetic ones. With that air of healthy food, and instead, You are crazy to eat it? That is why it was and is necessary, this book, titled just like that, and published by Piemme.

Arrives in Italy from neighboring France, in fact, wrote a former employee of the agri-food industries who answers the name of Christophe Brusset.

The author, with knowledge of the facts and courage, sat down at the table and at his desk, tackling the theme of fraud and sophistication without hesitation. He talks about food, and asks us: You are crazy to eat it?. He also asks himself for it, not calling himself the champion of health, impeccable and perfect: he knows how to put himself well on the side of those who have to choose what to eat every day in the face of a wide and often confused offer.

Before going to the point, in the introduction, he introduces himself and talks about his training, his relationship with food, and then reviews the main characteristics of industrial foods.

From his exceptional point of view, as an "insider", he has every right to say that in the myriad of people who pack food, there are many who do it automatically, without the slightest passion, a fundamental ingredient to nourish.

Already in the first part of the book Brusset numerous examples of Chinese fraud, revealing how the idea for the book was born. It was a fraud, as suspected, in particular that of horse meat passed off as beef, in some lasagna. The straw that broke the camel's back leading him to think, and to write, You're crazy to eat it.

Being made in France, the text explores with generous precision the nature and quality of foods that are fundamental in the culinary tradition of our friends across the Alps, therefore the cheese is among the protagonists. Brusset does not muddy what his compatriots did, on the contrary, he tells aloud how there are those who circumvent the law and manage to reduce costs simply and diabolically by diluting a small part of the main ingredient with water, so that the labels are in compliance . You are crazy to eat it, one might say, and pales thinking that all this happens even if in Europe, controls and the law in the food sector are among the most stringent and severe.

There are no names and some "scientific" and statistical data, to speak of a book that can be taken as an exhaustive dossier on the subject, but it certainly remains a useful reading to awaken consciences, to give food for thought. Certain anonymous frauds are easily attributable to those who committed them, with a pinch of readiness and preparation, but the main purpose of the text is to lead us to suspect even the best presented products on the market.

Let's not stop let us be fascinated by packacing and marketing in which many companies are masters, and we forget to look at the label with due attention. The rules that force food producers to implement them transparently are welcome.

If you want to read "You are crazy to eat it"you can buy it on Amazon for 14.37 Euros with a flexible cover or for 9.99 Euros in ebook format … And then choose to do the right thing, with gusto.

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