Mutual for dogs and cats

Mutual for dogs and cats

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Mutual for dogs and cats, arrived amidst applause and controversy, and includes numerous interventions also concerning veterinary and cremation services, the owners exempt from tickets will have a 50% discount but in general it will cost 120 euros per year. To appreciate or criticize it, let's get to know it in more depth.

Mutual for dogs and cats: what it is

A Mutua for dogs and cats is in effect one Mutual for dogs and cats, dedicated to them, but we can also call it "Doctor Bau & Doctor Miao". Thinking along the lines of the service concerning the human race, it is a private assistance system for our four-legged friends who are increasingly our roommates.

We are among the peoples who love and adopt cats and dogs the most, which is also why the Italian mutual health assistance (Mias) in partnership with FareAmbiente, European ecological movement and with the EuropAssistance insurance company launched this Mutual for dogs and cats.

Mutual for dogs and cats: services

Effective at the end of February (2017), and was presented at the beginning of the month with all the information on how to find it and benefit from it as owners of four-legged beings, bobbing or meowing.

To join the Mutua for dogs and cats you can also proceed from home, thanks to the dedicated site, or always from a PC but through social channels. Also pet shop, the retail outlets and the Ecozoofile guards from FareAmbiente they will be references for those who want to join and take advantage of this Pet-Mutua.

Among the various services provided, the one that most strikes and seems to serve, is "Forever". It is sad to think so, but it is quite common that as owners, you find yourself surviving your pet: this option provided by Mutual for dogs and cats it also deals with death cases.

Even in case of hospitalization, For Semprand gives us a hand in order to arrange dog and cat in a qualified structure of the Ecozoofile Guardia di FareAmbiente. The specialized company Petico, on the other hand, is responsible for certifying the facilities in which our animals can be cremated thanks to Mutua for dogs and cats, specifically thanks to the 'Necessary Sacrifice' service.

Other occasions in which this novelty of the Mutual for dogs and cats will be useful to us masters are those in which the health problem concerns us. With superstition, I write, but it may happen that for a certain period we find ourselves in not being able to look after our dog or our domestic feline. So what?

If we joined the Mutual we will have the opportunity to have them placed in a qualified facility until we get back in shape. Let's not forget, when signing up for everything, that if we are in the range of exemption of the health ticket, we are entitled to a favorable treatment: a discount of the membership fee of up to 50%.

Mutual for dogs and cats: comments

There are those who thought that they did not feel the need, and that there are many people who need help and who should have priority. Instead, there are those who applauded the announcement and are ready to join the first Mutual for Dogs and Cats. Without judging, let's see some numbers.

Today over 55% of Italian families have a pet, this translates into an estimated amount of domestic dogs and cats in excess of 15 million. These figures make some say that animals are a social safety net and that it is time to stop considering adopting a dog or cat as a luxury.

It is now, just look around, a social value. There mutual funds for dogs and cats could also have excellent consequences in the fight against animal abandonment going to the aid of families with dogs and cats who are facing moments of economic difficulty.

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