Mixers or planetary, all the info

Mixers or planetary, all the info

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Mixer or planetary: how to choose between the different types of mixers and planetary machines. How professional mixers work.

If you are wondering whether to buy oneplanetary or a mixer, you are starting on the wrong foot. Thereplanetaryin fact, it is a type of mixer that is very widespread even in the professional field.

The gastronomy laboratories, in fact, can make use ofmixershook mixers, spiral mixers, fork mixers, double arm mixers, spiral mixers ... different mixers not only differ from each other in the type of arm but also in its movement. On this page we will describe the different onestypes of mixerthat you can use in order to provide you with the information for a more informed choice.

If you have doubts between a planetary mixer and a multipurpose tool that maybe mixes, blends, minces and cooks, you might be interested in the article dedicated to the differences and the choice betweenPlanetary or food processor.

Professional mixer

If we talk aboutprofessional mixersyou have to consider the power of the engine, the load capacity of the container, the speed and the production material.

Of all the models described in this article, there are thoselow budgetfor amateur use and products defined as professional because they offer greater performance during use.

It is defined as the professional mixer par excellence, the double arm mixer.

Types of mixer

On the market, both when we talk about professional products and when we talk about products for hobby use, there are four different types of mixer. In particular we have:

  • Spiral mixer
  • Orbital or planetary mixer
  • Fork mixer
  • Double arm mixer

The double arm mixer represents thetop of the range and for this reason it has been labeled, par excellence, as thebest professional mixer. But be careful to give the labels! Not all needs can be met equally.

Double arm mixer, how it works

For its almost purely professional use, it is difficult to find a counter-top double arm mixer with a small container, a domestic use, in fact, and almost to be excluded. The price of a plunger arm mixer can range from a few thousand euros to more than 10 thousand euros ... as stated, it is a product for professional use.

Because the double arm mixer is defined as the best mixer in the industry? Because the mechanical arms simulate the movement of the human arm. The final dough is homogeneous and oxygenated, and the slow movement does not overheat the ingredients.

Fork mixer, how it works

The fork mixer mounts its movement mechanism horizontally with respect to the bowl. The movement creates less friction with the dough than the more common spiral mixer.

The lower friction allows you to lengthen the time of the dough so it is more suitable for those products intended for long processing such as panettone. It is suitable for long leavening doughs because it is able to incorporate good doses of oxygen.

Overheat the dough to a minimum: an increase in the temperature of the dough of about 3 ° C is estimated. Also in this case, the price to be estimated is a few thousand euros, let's still talk aboutprofessional mixers.

Spiral mixer

It is the most common for pastry and bread making. Probably its diffusion is linked to the more accessible price.

The spiral mixer sees a movement mechanism that rotates on the central axis of the arm and mixes the ingredients quickly.

L'spiral mixerit is very fast and for this reason it is among the cheapest professional mixers. Often chosen by pizza chefs and pastry chefs. It can return very hydrated doughs, even with hydration percentages that reach 80%.

The rapid movement tends to overheat the dough causing a temperature increase that reaches 9 ° C. As for the prices, a professional model can be bought with a budget of 1000 euros.

Planetary mixer or orbital mixer, how it works

How does a planetary work? This device is characterized by the movement of the mechanical arm that mimics that of the planets (that's why it is calledplanetary).

The arm performs an orbital movement that is, it rotates both on itself and along a rotary axis.

Just like thefork mixer, spiral mixer and mechanical armswas born purely as a professional mixer. Given its strong success in the professional field, some companies have begun to produce models that are easier to use and intended for home use. For the excellent value for money it is the best mixer to buy. It is widely used both professionally and by aspiring home chefs. Given the widespread use, there are models that can be bought with a few hundred euros for more expensive professional models.

A professional planetary mixer with a 40-liter bowl can be bought at a price of 2,000 - 3,000 euros. An excellent planetary mixer, for domestic use and with a few liters capacity bowl, can be bought with a budget of a few hundred euros.

To get an idea of ​​the newest models and prices, we refer you to the Amazon page dedicated to orbital motion mixers.

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