How to make sugar paste

How to make sugar paste

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How to make sugar paste: do-it-yourself procedure to obtain the dough for cake and dessert decorations. Sugar paste recipe with many variations.

Sugar paste, what is it

Theresugar pasteis a preparation based on glucose or sucrose, used to cover cakes or shape characteristic edible decorations.

Theresugar pastethat we find on the market, compared to the one prepared at home, has several advantages: it can be stored longer and is easier to work with. Despite these two factors, thehomemade sugar pasteit is more convenient: it is much cheaper and, with a little experience, it can be equally workable.

The homemade white sugar paste, compared to what we find on the market, will have a color tending to ivory or yellow. Get one in the housesugar pastevery white is not easy at all. The food industry uses special bleaches and dyes to restore such "pure" colors.

How to make sugar paste

The recipe of theDIY sugar pasteit's easy to put in place. The ingredients you need:

  • 50 grams of honey
  • 5 grams of isinglass
  • 450/500 gr of sugar
  • 30 ml of water
  • Vanilla and glycerin

Here's how to go about getting itDIY sugar paste:

  1. Soften the isinglass by placing it in a bowl with cold water. Leave the gelatin in the water for 10 minutes.
  2. In a saucepan, add 10 ml of water, softened isinglass and honey. Activate a stove on a low heat. Mix until the mixture is smooth and free of lumps.
  3. When the mixture is very smooth, start adding the sugar gradually.
  4. Add and mix.
  5. When you have finished the sugar and the mixture will be very consistent, pour it on the work table.
  6. To make it less sticky, dust the base of the work table with powdered sugar.
  7. If the sugar glaze is too sticky, add more sugar.

The sugar paste thus obtained can be used immediately or stored wrapped in a transparent film.

Scented sugar paste

You can perfume yoursDIY sugar pastewith cooking aromas. A drop of almond extract, vanilla, cinnamon…. Choose the perfume you want to give your dessert!

Sugar paste without gelatin

Who seeks thesugar paste recipe without isinglass(and without other jellies), you can consult our page dedicated to homemade sugar paste where you will find the simplest recipes without isinglass, gelatin or other ingredients that are difficult to find at the local supermarket the recipe on the page just mentioned does not even include the use of glycerin. In the article just indicated, you will find instructions for preparing thecolored sugar paste.

Sugar paste without glucose and sugar paste with honey

Very popular is the version of the sugar paste with honey. On this page we have already seen how to prepare sugar paste without glucose and with honey, but for more information you can read the page dedicated to "sugar paste without glucose".

How to decorate with sugar paste

A lot of experience is required to create beautiful decorations with sugar paste or… those who want to make everything easier and aim foreasy decorationsto do, can take advantage of the mold kits.

Thedecorations with sugar pastemoreeasyto be obtained are precisely those that can be made with molds and tiles. Of course, good dexterity is required in any case, but this can come with experience and give you good results right from the first tests.

On Amazon, there are many cheap tools that can be found for modeling and above all for obtaining decorations with sugar paste with minimal effort. To see the available molds and the opportunities you have, take a look at the Amazon page dedicated to cake decorations with sugar paste.

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