DIY dream catcher for children

DIY dream catcher for children

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DIY dream catcher, for children, to decorate their bedroom, even babies, or to build them in their company with four hands, having fun decorating them with every type of color and shape that can be inserted into the magical "net". Network DIY dream catcher.

DIY dream catcher for children

What today looks like a game for children, real children or eternal children, is a traditional object that comes to us from Ojibwe people. These are magical nets, they were woven using rings composed in turn of willow branches and animal tendons.

The DIY dream catcher that trace the shapes, therefore, must have a circle as a base, a shape that wants to represent the journey of the sun - called Giizis - in the sky. These objects with a mysterious nature that we can build with our hands, work at night, when dreams are "produced".

Good dreams and bad dreams, i can't always choose, but fortunately i do DIY dream catcher for children they are also good for adults and let the good dreams pass (bawedjige), blocking the bad ones (bawedjigewin).

The nightmares, according to tradition, are trapped in the net and when the sun rises, they are scattered away from us. In particular, the DIY dream catcher for children, they have the fibers of the net. They must be light, to symbolize the fleetingness of youth.

DIY crochet dream catcher

The circle in the center of the DIY dream catcher it is a real loom, on a practical level, so it can also be woven and decorated with crochet. The load-bearing structure must first be made, with dry branches, preferably red willow or vine. We need a couple of meters, if we do not have buckets we can collect fresh ones and then let them dry.

Let's also get some leather laces to wrap the ring, based on its diameter we have to get a length equal to eight times that. To create the network of DIY dream catcher we need the twine, but we can also indulge ourselves with yarn by weaving the net in crochet that must then be able to trap bad dreams. The classic color is white, but no one prevents us from using other colors as well, all you need is enough thread, 10 times the circumference of the circle.

From the crochet embroidery that makes up the net you can understand what kind of dreams we have and which ones we want to let filter through ours DIY dream catcher. The thick thread represents our tenacity, the beads or feathers we insert, the goals, ambitions and projects. Over time the DIY dream catcher they have taken on different sizes and shapes if imported into other countries, for example in Canada and the USA we also find droplets, more difficult to create but not impossible.

Indian DIY Dream Catcher

A Indian DIY dream catcher it cannot fail to have feathers, both inserted in the net and underneath, which flutter. Tradition holds that a hanging feather symbolizes the air, when it is crossed by a shiver, it is the passing signal of a dream, not "caught" because it is beautiful.

The type of feather you choose is also important: if it is an owl, it represents wisdom, if an eagle, courage, and so on for other types of birds that we may encounter, up to the fake and dyed feathers we buy. You can find them online, as well as buy them with one click an entire rainbow Indian dream catcher with beads and feathers representing the different elements of life.

DIY dream catcher by recycling

It is simple to make a DIY dream catcher using recycled material. Just take a look in the house, or in the cellar, or in the house of some aunt who keeps all the useless possible, to find ropes, strings, metal or wooden rings, preferably with a diameter between 7.5 and 20 cm that replace the structure of red willow branches or vines we have talked about. THE leather laces they can be replaced by ribbons or strings.

We talked about feathers and beads, but we can also enlarge the circle and take buttons, brooches, pendants, pendants and everything that can enrich and personalize our DIY dream catcher.

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