World Energy Saving Day

World Energy Saving Day

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World Energy Saving Day, in 2019 it is February 23, each time it falls within this period, varying a little but it matters little. In fact, the important thing is that at least one day out of 365 we officially and simultaneously remember the importance of energy saving. When there is no longer the need to celebrate the World Energy Saving Day it will be an event, for now, the event, to be marked on the agenda, is that of 23 February. Let's see what to do special and why.

World Energy Saving Day: Goals

For the feast of Energy saving and Sustainable Lifestyles, or for the World Energy Saving Day we want to remember that every day in the world, and also in our home, in our city and in our country, there is a great energy dispersion. There is waste everywhere, in the food sector as well as in transport, communication and commerce.

There is plenty of choice for those who want to roll up their hands and take a step forward in World Energy Saving Day. How many lights are on in your home while you are reading this article? Do you need them all? Because energy saving is also an excellent way to combat the increase inlight pollution.

World energy saving day: what to do

Turned off the unnecessarily forgotten lights on, let's see what else to do in the World Energy Saving Day making sure that it is a spot action but that it becomes a virtuous daily habit or almost. Let's start giving a ride to colleagues, or to ask for it, or to organize "around", we organize from time to time a collective dinner of a condominium or neighborhood, we share the wifi with neighbors or coworkers, we begin to wonder if our resources must necessarily be ours alone or if sharing them can be useful to the community, including us.

A condominium drill, for example, might be enough, shared or handed down toys, clothes too, and then off to bike sharing and all forms of sharing that exist, not to mention the bookcrossing.

In saving energy, we also consider that of parents, who can help children with their homework in groups. Whenever there is sharing, energy is saved.

World Energy Saving Day: I light up less

This year, the 14th edition is celebrated on World Energy Saving Day "I light up less". For some time and over time this initiative has "turned off" the main Italian and European monuments using this symbolic gesture to remind us of the need and urgency to take care of energy saving. Unfortunately, the urgency remains, and the campaign of I illuminate less is increasingly necessary.

Everyone can participate, as an individual, as a citizen, as a local authority or as an association, in kindergartens there will also be a sort of competition to design an energy saving superhero while sportsmen can indulge themselves and organize awareness-raising activities.

World Energy Saving and Innovation Day

It is true that the situation in terms of energy saving continues to be worrying, but it is also true that there are projects that bode well. One of them is Sixth Sense. It is about a multisensory home automation system designed and patented by Enea researchers, a real assistant who helps us to intelligently manage energy consumption at home.

You can use it with the same purpose also in the office allowing it to adjust lights, temperature and humidity not only referring to the environmental conditions but also to the number of people present inside.

Sixth Sense could give a great hand in terms of energy saving, is composed of a series of environmental sensors that detect temperature, humidity, brightness, motion, noise, vibration, opening and closing of doors and windows, counting the transit of people as if they were a neuronal network. All the information collected is communicated to a central unit a microcontroller that "learns" and manages energy at its best, minimizing waste.

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