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Clay mask, all the info

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Clay mask: benefits and remedies for skin and hair. Many benefits for the hair too. Property ofclay and do-it-yourself remedies. On this page we will see how to prepare homemade masks with different types of clay, from green to white clay!

L'clayit is a very ancient ingredient and without a doubt, it can bring manybenefitsfor skin and hair.

Preliminary warnings for making a clay mask at home

To preserve and preparehomemade clay masks, you must carefully avoid the use of metal tools. The metal, coming into contact with the clay particles, could alter their composition making the clay less effective. To work clay intended for body care, use plastic tools, glass containers or wooden tools.

White clay mask

White clay, also calledkaolin, is among the most ancient types of clay used for body care. It is considered an excellent natural remedy againstpimples and acne and, in general, it is recommended for all people with problemsoily skin.

Awhite clay maskit soothes the skin, eliminates toxins, disinfects, promotes blood microcirculation so as to nourish the skin.

Useful for fighting shiny and greasy skin. How to prepare onemask with white clay or kaolin? Simple. Mix well a spoonful of ventilated white clay with a spoonful of aloe juice and a spoonful of distilled water. To improve its effect, add 2 drops of geranium essential oil.

Apply the mask, spread it on the skin of the face or on the areas of the body to be treated. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing with just lukewarm water. Apply a moisturizer after use.

To find out where to buy kaolin and all its properties, I refer you to the dedicated article:white clay and kaolin.

Green clay mask

Green clay is considered excellentnatural exfoliant. It is able to detoxify the skin and exercise a gentle scrub suitable for all skin types.

It is suitable for normal skin, oily skin and can promote the healing of bruises left by hives and allergies. It can be a good natural remedy for sunburn as long as you drink plenty of water and keep your skin very hydrated before and after applying the mask.

How to prepare oneDIY mask with green clay? Take a tablespoon of ventilated green clay, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of distilled water. Mix in a bowl (non-metallic) until you get a fine paste.

To make the mask even more effective, add two drops of birch essential oil.

Apply thegreen clay maskon the face avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse with just warm water. To find out where to buy ventilated green clay and all its properties, I refer you to the dedicated page: ventilated green clay.

Red clay mask

L'red clayit is perfect for fighting blocked pores and eliminating blackheads. This is also considered a good natural remedy for pimples and acne.

It is indicated for making the skin brighter with a more uniform color. To prepare thishomemade clay maskmix a spoonful of ventilated or superfine red clay with a spooncrushed(very fluid) of avocado and three tablespoons of distilled water. Mix well and apply the paste on the areas of the skin to be treated. Let it dry and then wash your face with just warm water.

Where to buy red clay? In the best-stocked herbalist's shops or in emporiums specialized in natural products. The red clay is also available on the web, a 200-gram pack of Ultra-ventilated Red Clay is offered at a price of 10.95 euros with free shipping costs.

Useful link from Amzon: ​​Ultra Ventilated Red Clay

As an alternative to distilled water, to makeclay masksyou can take advantage of rose water.

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