Remedies against yellowed cloths

Remedies against yellowed cloths

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Remedies against yellowed cloths: from milk to toothpaste, here are some really effective solutions to restore the original whiteness of the clothes with ingredients easily available at home.

Doing the perfect laundry may seem trivial but it's not at all! Even the most experienced housewife may have some difficulty with some more delicate cloth; they may turn yellow, Yellowed cloths, turn gray, lose their brilliance….

Natural remedies against yellowed cloths

A rather difficult operation is to prevent white cloths from losing their original color. In case of uniform yellow or no longer bright white, the causes are to be found in incorrect washing or too aggressive detergents that tend to wear out the fabrics. Fortunately, we do not necessarily have to resort to industrial whitening products, which, among other things, are often loaded with aggressive chemicals. In this regard, we will show you some useful tips to restore the original whiteness to the clothes with ingredients offered by mother nature.


A rather new remedy for whitening laundry is aspirin. The most important rule to have a perfect laundry is to focus on the pre-treatment phase: the clothes to soak before washing. Aspirin is a really effective remedy for restoring laundry its original appearance

The treatment with aspirin can be done both in the case of washing by hand or in the washing machine. For hand washing, just pour hot water into a basin with about 3/4 aspirins; they must be crushed to facilitate their dissolution. Once this is done, put the clothes on and leave to soak for at least 5 hours. After the time has elapsed, wash as usual

For laundry in the washing machine, it will be sufficient to insert 3 aspirins directly into the washing drum together with a delicate detergent, preferably natural


Another natural remedy to whiten yellowed cloths is milk. Just dip the clothes in a basin containing milk and leave to soak for about an hour. In addition to making the laundry shiny white, it will be softer thanks to the properties of milk.

White vinegar

Vinegar is a product that cannot be missing in the home due to its versatility in household chores; even for yellowed cloths it is effective!

The procedure is different; the cloths do not soak, they must be poured on the stain of the garment to be bleached. Therefore, it is sufficient to pour half a glass of white vinegar into a glass of hot water and treat the stain. Once this is done, rub the area with natural soap and rinse.


Another ingredient highly appreciated for its effectiveness in domestic cleaning is bicarbonate. Against yellowed cloths it is really a precious ally! Let's see how to proceed.

Fill a basin with water and pour some baking soda along with some natural detergent. Leave the laundry to soak for at least 6 hours. After the necessary time, rinse well: the laundry will be clean and white thanks to the action of the baking soda. In addition to whitening the clothes, the baking soda eliminates bad odors from the laundry and also softens hard water. In this way we will not have annoying halos and white spots


Not everyone knows that lemon is used by many housewives to whiten yellowed clothes. Just pour the juice of at least 2 lemons into the water and soak the laundry for about an hour.


Another natural remedy effective against stains on clothes. is the salt. If you happen to drop something dark on a white dress while eating, we suggest a great remedy. Rub some salt on the stain when it is still wet and fresh and you will see that the stain will disappear. It is a bit of the same procedure that many use in the event of an oil stain when using talcum powder.

Natural remedy against the most stubborn stains

Another method tested by many housewives to recover the whiteness of clothes is toothpaste. Here is a powerful anti-stain:

Pour a tube of toothpaste into a container then add a spoonful of baking soda, a spoonful of salt and a glass of white vinegar. Mix the ingredients well until you get a thick mixture. Pour this mixture on the stain to be treated and leave it to act for about a couple of hours and then rinse with cold water.