Wanderlust: meaning

Wanderlust: meaning

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Wanderlust, desire to travel "exaggerated" so much that it borders on "mania", necessity. This word comes from Germany that summarizes a feeling, a state of mind, even a modus vivendi, which is increasingly widespread. Will it be the Crisis? Or, seeing it positively, the greater openness and the desire to know and integrate, which many citizens of the world show. For find out if we also suffer from Wanderlust, let's see better what it is.

Wanderlust: meaning

A word, as often happens with the German language, to sum up what in Italian we can only express with a periphrasis. In this case to illustrate to those who do not know German, the meaning of wanderlust, it is said that it defines an urgent need to leave and see new places around the world.

To observe different landscapes from those born, therefore, but not only: also to know people and customs, tastes and smells, customs that do not belong to their own nation and that sound "exotic" or very distant from the habits with which they raised us. Distant and, for this very reason, attractive for those who feel this Wanderlust.

The distance that the Wanderlust it brings us to fill not only the geographical one, but also that of ideas, mentality, culture, language. So it is not necessary to grind km after km every day to satisfy the need of restless travelers that we experience. You can also travel while enjoying a Japanese dish, dancing a tango, talking to a tourist who asks for directions, visiting an exhibition that has just arrived in town.

Wanderlust: syndrome

So far the condition at which the Wanderlust it takes us, but it's not always like that. When the need to travel and explore turns into restlessness and we lose control of this need by letting it take over everything else, then we have fallen into Wanderlust syndrome.

So here we are allergic to the concept of "home", constantly looking for new destinations, so much so that as soon as we arrive in one, we must immediately make sure we have two or three more planned so as to never stop. Where did the taste of travel go? Wanderlust becomes almost synonymous with slavery, just like those who are afraid of traveling, have no freedom, even those who have to roam at all costs to stay calm do not enjoy it. With the mind and / or with the body.

There is no age at risk for the Wanderlust syndrome, there are those who fall into it very soon, those who find themselves so restless after a life as a couch potato, perhaps due to reaction or anxiety of not having enough time to know everything they deserve.

Wanderlust: origin

As mentioned, this is a German word that we can translate with a sentence: “Irresistible need to travel that consumes some people”.The concept, however, is neither made in Germany nor very recent. Since the human species has existed we have been endowed with a spirit of adventure and a desire to explore the territory and the other. THE our ancestors they left Africa 70,000 - 50,000 years ago and in about 50,000 years it has spread everywhere, settling and adapting to different climates and environments.

Even today there are continuous movements, very often out of necessity and not out of choice or for Wanderlust, but they are there and the desire to find a place in the world exists and mixes us.

There are also studies that have investigated over the years where the compulsive urge to travel arises, it could also be partly linked to genes. In particular al DRD4 gene that helps regulate dopamine levels in the brain, could be linked to the Wanderlust.

Wanderlust: movie

The desire to travel and to know can also be satisfied by being in front of the screen, sometimes with a good film. Here are three to get you started: "I travel alone ", directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi, with Margherita Buy, "Sideways”Directed by Alexander Payne, with Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church, e "On the Road", directed by Walter Salles, adaptation of Jack Kerouac's novel "On the Road," starring Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley.

Wanderlust: books

Even books, in terms of alienating power, are no less. The one that best deals with the theme of travel, however, is undoubtedly "Hand luggage only" by Gabriele Romagnoli, I was introduced to it by a friend, a real traveler, but who knows how to travel even when she doesn't change city, thanks to the delicate attention that knows how to listen to who she meets.

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