Clay, properties and masks

Clay, properties and masks

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Clay, properties and DIY masksfor skin care. How to use clay to make natural treatments and packs. Properties and benefits of clay.

After discovering what the real ingredients of the face creams we find on the market are, I try at all costs to moderate their use and clay has become my greatest ally. The benefits that clay exerts on the skin are manifold.

Benefits of clay on the skin

The clay absorbs excess sebum, binds toxins, purifies the skin, performs a gentle exfoliating action, improves circulation, reduces swelling, performs an anti-inflammatory action and makes the skin more even.

For skin care I use different types of clay, first of all green clay, red clay and white clay.

Green clay, properties

Green clay, also known asillite, is rich in mineral oxides, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, selenium… and many other substances with antioxidant properties.

Green clay is excellent for combination skin and oily skin. It has strong absorbent properties and is perfect for eliminating facial impurities, including blackheads. Personally I have no problems with pimples or acne, but green clay compresses are among the most suitable remedies for eliminating pimples. My advice is to add one part clay and three parts jojoba hair oil.

Mask based on green clay

For a more intensive mask, just mix 2 tablespoons of ventilated green clay, 2 tablespoons of honey (it has an antimicrobial action) and 2 lemon wedges. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Red clay, properties

Red clay is rich in iron oxides (which is why it is red), compared to green clay, it has a reduced absorbency. Those with very oily skin may even consider using it as a cleanser instead of soap.

Red clay stimulates circulation, which is very useful for the well-being of the skin. Thanks to mineral oxides it can also be useful for hair health.

White clay, properties

White clay or kaolin is the most delicate clay, therefore also suitable for those who suffer from dermatitis or have particularly sensitive skin.

I like to describe it as asoft clay, so much so that I often use it to make DIY cosmetics. It is rich in calcium, silica, magnesium and zinc. White clay owes its antibacterial properties to zinc.

Due to its disinfectant properties and its delicacy, it is suitable for soothing skin redness and inflammation.

Clay masks

To know how to get DIY masks made from red clay, white clay and green clay, I invite you to read the specific page:Clay masks where you will also find information on where to buy clay for cosmetic use.

Clay, hair wraps

Due to its anti-inflammatory and absorbent properties, clay can be used for hair wraps.

White clay is suitable for thin, brittle and dry hair. Red clay and green clay are more suitable forcompresses for oily hairand tending to grease.

To make the pack also nourishing, the addition of vegetable oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil is recommended. If you limit yourself to adding simple water, the ratio to prepare the pack must be 1: 3, three parts of water are needed for each part of clay.

Packs and masks with clay: warnings

When making clay-based masks and wraps, always do so using distilled water. Another warning: never use metal spoons or metal bowls! Always use glass bowls and wooden spoons (plastic is fine too).

Where to buy clay

Green, white, red clay ... any type of clay can be purchased in the best herbalists, pharmacies or shops specializing in ecological products. Those who prefer online shopping can rely on Amazon.

Useful link from Amazon: Ultra Ventilated Red Clay
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Useful links from Amazon: Ultra-ventilated white clay or coalino.



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