Epsom salts, natural remedies

Epsom salts, natural remedies

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Epsom salt, also known as English salt due to its British origin, is without doubt one of the most appreciated natural remedies in natural medicine for its beneficial action on the body. Lately its use has also spread for domestic purposes.

Epsom salts, external use

We can use these precious crystals for household chores, for laundry, for cleaning pots and dishes, in gardening to increase the flowering and production of fruit and vegetable plants ... in short, its uses are truly countless

For the care of our hair

Epsom salts have many beneficial and therapeutic properties; its use involves various areas of our daily life. It can be used both for internal and external use for the care of our image. It is effective for the care of our hair; it makes them shinier, more voluminous and reduces the frizz effect of unruly curls.

For the care of our body

Epsom salts can be used to make natural exfoliants for the skin of the whole body. For example, as a remedy for calluses on the feet, to make body scrubs, to whiten teeth and prevent periodontal diseases. They are also effective against minor burns, bruises and hematomas.

In housework

Epsom salts are also a precious ally in everyday life. They are effective for cleaning pots and pans caked with burnt food. We can use these precious salts to clean and disinfect bathroom fixtures; just prepare a mixture of Epsom salt and Marseille soap.

In gardening

Epsom salts are also effective in the garden! Just put a handful of salt at the base of trees and plants to invigorate them, increase their flowering and make them more productive. Alternatively, it is possible to water them with a solution based on water and Epsom salts; in the amount of one tablespoon per liter of water. If we then spread a lot of it on the lawn it will make it a brighter and more vivid color.

For psychophysical well-being

As already mentioned, Epsom salts have therapeutic properties for the care of our physical health. If we want to take advantage of its relaxing action, just dissolve a good handful of Epsom salt in the water of the bathtub and immerse yourself in it. In addition to relaxing, we will help our body to recharge itself with magnesium (by osmosis) and soothe any swelling in the feet or legs, soften the skin and eliminate any bad odors

Against constipation

It is very suitable for those suffering from constipation. Simply dissolve a teaspoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water and drink the mixture on an empty stomach. It becomes an excellent ally for the resolution of constipation as well as purifying and purifying the liver.

For the contraindications of Epsom salt, please refer to the article "Epsom salt, contraindications"

Where to Buy Epsom Salts

Although Epsom salts have remarkable therapeutic and beneficial properties, it is by no means an expensive and difficult to find remedy.

They can be purchased in all pharmacies and herbalists or in more abundant packages, in specialized shops for gardening products. If laziness catches us, we can buy them online thanks to many sites that offer it in different prices and formats.

For completeness, we refer you to two excellent Amazon products; the Epsom salt in question, it is very pure and is delivered with free shipping with orders over € 19, so if you buy two packs of Epsom salt no additional costs will be required for delivery. Calculate that for baths you get to use up to 500 grams of salt. For more detailed information, please refer to the official product pages:

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