Which mixer to choose

Which mixer to choose

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Which mixer to choose: advice onhow to choose the best mixeraccording to your real needs. Models, opinions and advice for choosing.

When we talk aboutkneaderfor domestic use we refer toplanetaryor to a more complete onekitchen robot. If you have doubts about what a mixer is and what is different between a professional mixer, a planetary mixer and a food processor, we invite you to read these two articles at the outset:

  • Planetary or food processor, we answer the most common doubts that arise in those who do not know whether to buy a planetary mixer or a multifunction robot.
  • Mixer or planetary mixer, let's compare the orbital mixers and mixers with mechanical arm to other professional mixers. There is also a detailed section dedicated to the purchase price ofprofessional mixers.

It is important to clarify that: even if designed for domestic use, theplanetary mixerit has nothing to envy to the professional models that differ for the movement but above all for the higher processing capacity. Theprofessional mixersin fact, they have a motor powerful enough to work 30 - 50 or even more than 90 kg of dough at a time. At home all this is not needed!

Which mixer to choose

Almost all domestic mixer models are planetary, that is, characterized by a particular movement of the mechanical arm. The planetary mixer is characterized by the movement of the mechanical arm that turns on itself and in addition follows a rotary movement to perfectly mix all the ingredients and reach every point of the container. The result is a perfect dough! Yes… but it's easy to say “planetary”. On the market we find a very high number of models and this makes it difficult for us choice.

Here how to choose the planetary mixerand what factors to evaluate before purchasing.

  • Weight
    A'kneaderit must weigh at least 4 kg in order to be stable on every floor. If it exceeds 7 kg, however, it will be difficult to handle especially with a full mug.
  • The material
    Better to choose a metal mixer. If you really don't want to do without plastic, at least the containers must be made of steel in order to guarantee good hygiene. Avoid, like the plague, the mixers that have plastic mugs.
  • The power
    It must be powerful enough to work continuously for quite some time. I know this definition is too vague, but we will elaborate on later. The more powerful the engine, the better the device will work!
  • The speeds
    Some models offer 10 preset speeds or dough modes ... if you learn well how to use the mixer you will only need three modes: slow, medium and fast! At the most, for some doughs it may be necessary to gradually increase the speed, in this case 5 - 6 speeds are fine.
  • Engine block
    Very useful function. The appliance stops when you raise the movable arm. Not all planetariums have this function but those who are distracted should prefer it.
  • Mud flaps
    If you don't like cleaning the surfaces near your mixer, choose a mixing bowl with a splash cover. The backsplash will help you safeguard worktops, walls and floors… don't underestimate it.

How to choose a mixer: the power of the engine

Engine power is important but that's not all. You need to know the type of engine before purchasing. There are two types and they offer different performances. Themixersthey can be:

  • direct drive.
  • Indirectly taken.

A greater number of watts of power is preferable because it ensures a good duration but the motor power must also be chosen according to the type of operation.

Direct drive is the most common among food processors. The low-medium range planetary machines are equipped with this function. The driving force is transmitted to the movable arm inefficiently. Our advice is to choose a direct drive engine, typical of theprofessional mixersand medium - high range. Direct drive mixers also offerconsumptionmore content.

Aplanetaryorkneader500 W with indirect power is completely ineffective because much of that energy will be wasted and you will end up with a mixer that is difficult to appreciate. With an indirect drive motor, you need to focus on 1000 watts to be able to knead carefree.

With a direct drive motor, be sure to choose a 500 watt model! It is true, themixerswith direct drive motor they are much more expensive but the difference is palpable from the first use and it is even more so in the long term.

Between best mixers direct drive we point out the Kenwood KMX 51 G model proposed on Amazon at the promo price of 319 euros with free shipping costs.

The model in question is made of light metal (die-cast aluminum) has a steel bowl or transparent tempered glass (chosen by the user). The direct drive motor has a power of 500 watts. It offers 6 speeds and can knead 5 kg of dough.

Offers wire, leaf hooks and whips and the classic dough hook. Other accessories can be purchased separately to make the object more complete, for example, I personally associated it with a die for making pasta at home and I am very happy with it. Before I used a separate electric die that I gave to my mother ... :)

The bowl has a splash guard and in electronics stores (Euronics, Trony ...) it is often offered on offer at a price of 390 euros. Its list price is 429 euros.

Since prices are always updated, before purchasing, speculate a little to get the product at the best price!

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