Green marketing: definition

Green marketing: definition

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Green marketing, an environmentally friendly way of marketing exists, and it is not just about wasting paper or energy. It is a question of values ​​that are desired and can be emphasized and transmitted, of battles to be married and supported. The Green marketing after all it is an important means to take a stand, to be on the right side, the natural one.

Green marketing: definition

Also known as “green marketing”, the green marketing, is the marketing of products that are believed to be ecologically preferable to others. So it may seem that you have to take care of preparing a showcase by choosing organic products, but this is not the case. The showcase is the world and the products to be selected and marketed are of all kinds.

From organic coffee to tertiary services, even to complex ideas and projects involving multiple brands and companies. It is therefore clear what to do Green marketing means dealing with a wide range of activities. We start from changing the product, to adapt it to green values that we want to marry, we move on to the production process check, even in the use of eco-sustainable packaging you can and must work a lot, let's not forget advertising. The one that communicates all the work previously done, with effort and good intentions.

We can hear about "environmental marketing" and of "ecological marketing", If we are dealing with Green marketing: all three are concepts, and terms, which emerged when the world began to think of a different way of seeing marketing, changing perspective, partly because we believe in it, partly 'because today it is necessary. Despite being talked about for years Green marketing, there are still contexts in which this has remained a theory waiting to be translated into good practices.

Green marketing: the manifesto

Aware that by transmitting and disseminating misleading or exaggerated claims, companies can cause real disasters, even at their own expense, the United States with the Federal Trade Commission some have established guidelines relating to "eco-sustainable" marketing.

Time has passed, we appreciate the first step but it is better to go and browse "The green marketing manifesto”By Grant John, an interesting approach to Green marketing based on innovation, creativity, attention to the person and which focuses on energy saving and respect for nature adopting them as new guidelines for the present and for the future

Green marketing: history

We've been talking about for years Green marketing and not without results. The first time was in the late 1970s when the American Marketing Association (AMA) held the first "Ecological Marketing" laboratory, in 1987 a document from the World Commission for the Environment and Development (World Commission on Environment and Development) called Brundtland Report and considered an important step forward in the dissemination of a sustainable way of thinking in everyday life.

Going through the world history of the Green marketing we find two other important turning points marked by two homonymous publications, one by Ken Peattie, from 1992, in England, and one by Jacquelyn Ottman, from 1993, released in the United States.

In recent years we have certainly not been idle, we have acted using the strength of the consumer as a lever to trigger a change towards the green. In the USA we explicitly speak of "green consumer", A term that perfectly conveys the idea.

Green marketing in Italy

Also in Italy the green marketing plays its cards and collects successes. It is also difficult to speak of Italy as if it were isolated from the world. Whether as products or as communication, whether you live in Italy or in other countries, you are hit by a universal flow that is partly confused but which seems to have understood that today green marketing is winning and in the future, it will be more. If we, Italians and non-Italians, begin to be compact and convinced green consumers.

Green marketing: examples

Of examples of green marketing there are numerous and it is important to learn to recognize them independently. Like? Here are the aspects to be carefully evaluated. Let's start with the product, which must be ecological and not contaminate the environment, the price may be slightly higher than that of conventional alternatives but not double.

Another interesting aspect is that of logistics distribution, including packaging in recyclable materials. Product promotion is also essential when it comes to green marketing because it is necessary to be able to underline all the shades of the green that we want to market, beyond the sector in which we operate and who the potential users or consumers are.

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