Culture bonus: what it is

Culture bonus: what it is

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Culture bonus, to be spent on information and training, including with regard to respect for the environment and the good practices that concern energy, nature, green building and good nutrition. There is a green world to discover and the culture bonus can help the youngest economically and as an initial input to then deepen in the following years.

Culture bonus: what it is

The culture bonus is a sum of money, equal to 500 euros, all to be spent only in culture. It is not for everyone, but reserved for those who turned 18 in 2016 or who turned 18 in 2017. This initiative started on November 3, 2016, the culture bonus is usable today until 31 December 2017 if no extensions will be decided in the coming months.

Culture bonus: what to buy

The 500 euros to which i new adults are entitled, can be spent on books, theater or cinema tickets, for admission to museums, exhibitions and cultural events, to access monuments, galleries, archaeological areas or natural parks. Exact, also natural parks, because in the culture bonus, there is space also for the environment and green culture.

To seize the opportunity offered to them, young people who have the right can request your Spid credentials, relating to their digital identity, to subjects such as Infocert, Poste Italiane, Sielte or Tim by 30 June 2017. They are used to access the platform through which to get hold of vouchers up to 500 euros. Basically you get hold of one electronic card usable through shopping vouchers in the structures included in a special list, approved as a dispenser of culture.

As you use the culture bonus it may be necessary to check your expenses and it is also possible through an app, the '18app'. Purchasing through the culture bonus is feasible by simply printing the voucher and then presenting it at the cash desk or keeping it on your smartphone or tablet and showing the identification data of the voucher with an 8-digit alphanumeric code, QR code and bar code.

Culture bonus for the environment: books

One of the simplest and most durable investments is in books. It is paper, but paper with important information. Today there is a lot of talk about the circular economy, it is the present and it is the future, so 18-year-olds should get used to this concept. The book illustrates this well "What is the circular economy"By Emanuele Bompan, Ilaria N. Brambilla ranging from themes that are very different from each other but important for do not preclude young people from possible fields of action. We move from the bioeconomy to the sharing economy, from remanufacturing to biomimicry or advanced waste management systems.

Culture bonus for the environment advice

For children who are finishing high school, beyond the choice made for the following years, there is a reading that is worth including in those paid with the culture bonus: "Ecology and environment. The natural science satellites”With a useful and fun online expansion.

Culture bonus for the teacher environment

Teachers can also take a look at the material in which to invest their pupils and in which to invest for themselves, to stay in step with progress by maintaining a green line.

The book "Little environmentalists grow up. How to teach children about ecology"By Giulia Settimo shows how important it is to be able to teach children an environmentally friendly lifestyle using methods that make them feel involved. In fight against waste and pollution, in the diffusion of “virtuous” behaviors even in everyday life, with small gestures that can really make a difference.

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