How to preserve the truffle

How to preserve the truffle

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How to preserve the truffle: instructions on truffle conservation methods. From vacuum packed truffles to truffles in oil. How to keep the truffle flavor intact even after long periods. Preservation of fresh truffles or in oil.

In fact, once collected or purchased, thetrufflebe it black or white, it should be consumed within a few days. Yes, the freshly picked truffle retains its characteristic scent and is perfect for cooking. You might be interested in:how to recognize a good black truffle.

Better to be wary of those who promise you long periods of truffle storage, unless you decide to preserve the truffle in oil you cannot expect miracles. With thevacuum packedyou can extend the truffle conservation of only a few days. Many recommend using the vacuum-packed truffle to freeze this product ... it is not recommended to freeze the truffle because you would lose at least 15% of the flavor! Let's see all the details.

How to clean the truffle

In general, the truffle is bought already clean and must be used as it is. If you have collected truffles, first of all congratulations! I must say that I envy you a little because despite my various hunts ... I have always had good results.

Once collected, the truffle it should be cleaned with a special soft-bristled brush able to remove soil residues without damaging the surface. Wash the truffle under running water in order to avoid the risk of botulinum in case of storage and to avoid any contamination.

How to preserve the truffle

Keep the truffle in a glass or plastic jar, put it in the fridge but first wrap it with absorbent paper.

Be sure to keep the truffle when it is completely dry. Even the absorbent paper must always remain dry otherwise you could find yourself with somemoldy truffle.

In the presence of humidity in the fridge, if necessary, change the absorbent paper even every day.

How long can the truffle be kept?

The minimum term of conservation of truffles it depends a lot on the type: theblack scorzone truffle(black summer truffles) are more resistant, on the contrary, the white truffle and the bianchetto truffle deteriorate more easily.

To fully appreciate the perfumeand theflavorof thetruffleI recommend that you consume it within 4-5 days. With each passing day you will lose fragrance.

How to preserve the frozen truffle

It is absolutely not recommended to freeze the truffle! If you really want to use frozen truffle, you have to freeze the whole dish already cooked and finished, useful when the truffle is used for a sauce or a filling. In this case, to preserve the freshness of the truffle, even if frozen, you should use a freezer and a blast chiller.

If you freeze the raw truffle, once thawed, it is better if you cook it rather than use it raw. Before freezing the whole and raw truffle, vacuum-seal it by adding a few grains of coarse salt to lower the humidity and preserve its freshness. With freezing, you will lose at least 15% of the flavor of the fresh product.

How to vacuum-pack the truffle

The method of vacuum storage it only slightly increases the shelf life and freshness of the product. The truffle, vacuum packed, can be kept for 6 - 7 days. Make sure it iscompletely dry before keep the truffle vacuum packed.

How to preserve truffles in oil

Forpreserve the truffle in oil, use only sterilized glass jars. Make sure you wash the truffle thoroughly and remove any earthy residue.

Truffles in oil should be kept in the form ofSpreadable creamto be used to enrich and season first courses, salads, bruschetta or meat.

The preparation is easy: finely chop the truffle, transfer it to a jar and cover it with olive oil. The truffle must never come into contact with the air but must be submerged in olive oil.

To speed up the procedure you can transfer thetruffleand the oil in a blender and operate it at minimum speed.