Green manure, how to do it

Green manure, how to do it

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Green manure, how to do it: sowing of green manure and planting of plants for the practice ofgreen fertilization. Instructions, step by step, for green manuring in the vegetable garden.

Sowing of green manure

Theresowingof thegreen manurecould beautumnal, springorsummer. When to sow for green manure? There are actually no hard lines! It all depends on your cultivation cycle in the garden. Green manure should be sown in the rest period of the soil, in the pause between one crop and another.

In general, spring sowing is practiced in early March, autumn sowing in mid-September while summer green manuring is sown around May. Spring green manuring should be done when the soil has already benefited from the action of frost.

The seeds must always be chosen according to the sowing period, a mixture of seeds with a comparable time of germination is preferable.

Green manure seeds

The recommended seeds are perfect for a 10 square meter garden. The quantities indicated are for sowing by hand. If you have a large field and use a professional seeder, halve the doses by 50%. Here are the recommended mixtures for thegreen manureof the vegetable garden, if you are looking forseeds for green manure in the vineyardyou might be interested in the page:green manure in the vineyard.

Green manure seed mixture # 1:

  • 120 grams of grasses, oats, barley and wheat
  • 30 grams of vetch
  • 80 grams of pea.

Green manure seed mixture # 2:

  • 200 grams of barley
  • 70 grams of vetch.

Green manure seed mixture # 3:

  • 200 grams of oats
  • 150 grams of peas

You can use forage pea or even the classic half-branch garden pea.

Green manure, how to do it

Prepare the seedbed with a more or less superficial digging. Distribute the chosen mixture of seeds, you can practice broadcasting but try to get a uniform result.

With the help of a leveling board, lightly cover the seeds and eliminate the air pockets. In the event of a prolonged drought, you will need to irrigate.

You will need to monitor the germination and growth of the plants. Eliminate broadleaf weeds because they penalize the growth of green manure plants.

Just before flowering, when the green manure plants have already emitted the shoots and formed the first sketch of the flower, you will have to start with the burial.

Avoid burying plants after flowering because the amount of nitrogen decreases and the plant tissues are enriched with lignin, a substance that makes them harder and does not release moisture to the soil.

Before burying, perform a mowing, you will need to shred the vegetable mass. Allow the vegetation to wither slightly before burying it. For the drying, you will not have to wait days but only a few hours if the day is sunny!

To bury you will need to dig to a depth of 10 - 15 cm. How to calculate the burial depth of green manure plants?

  • 10 cm deep is enough for clayey and compact soils.
  • 15 cm deep are ideal for looser soils.

Avoid pushing yourself beyond 15 cm, otherwise the plant mass will not come into contact with the air and, in conditions of asphyxiation, will give rise to rot phenomena that are no longer beneficial for the soil. The bacterial flora that lives 10 - 15 cm deep in the soil, is able to activate the fermentation process favorable to the release of useful nutrients to the soil.

How long do you have to wait after green manure

After you have buried thegreen manure plants you will have to give the vegetable mass "time to ferment". It usually takes two months to wait for richer soil. After 2 months you can proceed to sowing or planting new plants.

To speed up the "fermentation time" of the vegetable mass, you will need to keep the soil cool, avoiding it drying out and forming compact clods. The waiting time can be further reduced if you plant underdeveloped shoots.

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