Terrace and outdoor wooden grills

Terrace and outdoor wooden grills

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Wooden grills, not to cook sausages and vegetables but to divide the spaces of a balcony like a garden. They are often used but little attention is paid to their presence because they are softened by the presence of climbing plants that hide their texture. However, it is important choose quality wooden gratings, which are stable and of good sealing. They are garden or terrace structures that allow you to create a more reserved space at low cost. A sort of enclosed “privé” with this not too gaudy grid that appeals to climbing plants.

Terrace wood grills

On the terrace, wooden grills are perfect to optimize space available which is not always what we want. Sometimes you have those continuous balconies that are accessed from multiple rooms and you want to divide them into various areas so that the one where we hang out the laundry is not too close to the other where we have dinner on beautiful summer evenings. Here then is the wooden grating with a beautiful climbing plant and perhaps scented, like jasmine, allow you to manage your terrace.

Who is lucky enough to have a roof terrace, it can also create a sort of private gazebo in the center, a reserved space in which to enter and isolate yourself from the world surrounded by leaves and flowers of a bougainvillea, for example. When you have to choose the type of wood with which to create the gratings you have to understand what type of terrace we want, whether in a modern or classic style.

The important thing is that you agree with the rest of thebalcony furniture and / or with the style of the building we live in. The beauty of wooden grills is theirs know how to camouflage and effectively divide the areas that we want to occupy differently on the terrace of our homes.

Outdoor wooden grills

Installed outside, in the garden, i wooden grills they can be used with greater freedom, perhaps also alternating with windbreak panels, creating an effect of greater movement. Climbing plants are always welcome and remain in my opinion, but not only mine, the best way to divide areas of green in a pleasant way.

Besides that in private gardens and courtyards, wooden gratings are also used in flower beds and street planters, in public parks or in the dehors of bars and restaurants, planted in the ground or in pots positioned ad hoc to create separate environments.

IKEA wood grating

At IKEA there are various solutions for the garden but not at the moment i easy to assemble wooden gratings and dial. Having a catalog that is always new and constantly evolving, it is better to update yourself often on the official website so as not to miss new garden furniture.

Brico wood grills

Exist, also available online, Brico wood grills. They are the classic wooden grid panels and can be used in the garden or on the terrace especially with climbing plants that almost hide the structure, separate frame. And they are rectangular or with an arched upper profile, with denser or less textures. The choice is not lacking, i prices are quite affordable.

Amazon wood grills

On line on Amazon we can find gods wooden grid panels to 2€ 6.50 in rectangular shape, 90 × 180, but this is just an example of the wide offer that exists on the site.

Wooden gratings: prices

The prices of grills are never particularly high. You can get by with around fifty euros for two meters of dividing panel. Much depends on the type of wood and the shape of the profile, but if we intend to grow a climbing plant it is better to choose a structure than bear the weight of the flowers and its beauty.

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