Guinea pig, how to cure it

Guinea pig, how to cure it

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Guinea pig, how to cure it: the care to be dedicated to a small guinea pig farm. Character, needs, nutrition and all the care.

Guinea pig, nutrition and character

Theguinea pigis appreciated for hischaracterfromshy sweetie. It is a social animal and very sensitive to loneliness, so we advise you to raise at least two guinea pigs if you cannot adopt a group of 5 to 10 individuals. To find out all the details onfeeding the guinea pigand itscharacter, we invite you to visit the dedicated article: Guinea pig, character and nutrition. In the same article, in addition to finding information onnutrition and character of guinea pigs, you will also find instructions on the nest and the size ideals of cage.

Guinea pig, dimensions

From a physical point of view, theguinea pigit is a small rodent with a stocky body and very small legs and neck.

THEGuinea pigsthey are devoid of thing, have short ears, sharp nails and 20 continuously growing teeth. Theredietof the guinea pig is essential for this animal to keep the length of the teeth constant.

The legs are very particular because the front have four fingers while the rear have only three toes.

Thesize of guinea pigsare reduced. A male adult weighs between 900 and 1200 grams. Males are larger, in fact the female weighs only between 700 and 900 grams.

Guinea pig, breeds

Over time, breeders have selected severalbreeds of guinea pigs. Domestic breeds can be distinguished by the length and type of coat, as well as the color.

The wild species have a body and uniformly brown coat. Thebreeds of guinea pigsselected for domestic breeding, they can be:

  • With short hair
  • With long hair
  • With smooth coat
  • With curly hair
  • With fine hair
  • With white coat
  • With piebald cloak

How long does a guinea pig live? The average life span in the home ranges from 5 to 8 years, sometimes even a few more years in the longest-lived specimens.

Raising a guinea pig, the arrival at home

Given hischaractersensitive and fearful, theguinea pigmust be treated with delicacy. When you bring your ownguinea pig, be careful to avoid loud noises, chaos and clutter.

Also avoid letting theguinea pigwith other pets! Go on step by step! Before introducing your dog or cat to him, let theguinea pigbe environments. Changes are a source of stress for your new friend, arm yourself with patience and, to win his trust, prepare him some tasty morsels (they really appreciate aromatic herbs) and give him time, even a couple of months!

Guinea pig, how to cure it

Thecareto be reserved toguinea pigthey are daily and include the administration of herbs and fresh, clean water. It is more of a needy pet than of carematerials, of a lot of attention. Between care, a lot of attention is to be paid to nutrition which determines their physical and dental health. We have already talked about his diet in the article reported above.

Among the treatments to be dedicated periodically there is washing, cleaning the hair and cutting the nails.

Nails should be trimmed once a month. The first time it is better to let the vet explain how to do it.

You can wash the guinea pig only when it is dirty, wash with hot water and very diluted natural shampoo. Pay attention to your ears and eyes. Dry the animal thoroughly after washing it: it must not remain damp! You can use the hair dryer at low intensity, also to be passed on the stomach.

The hair needs to be brushed in the back area, where it is longer. If necessary, you will have to thin the hair with scissors (only forlong-haired guinea pigs, short-haired guinea pigs do not need it). The long hair should be cut at the height of the legs and on the back.

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