Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamp

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There Himalayan salt lamp it is a trendy product that is increasingly in demand because it allows you to benefit from naturally purified air (as declared by the manufacturers) while at the same time constituting an excellent piece of furniture that allows you to illuminate a room with a soft pink light.

Himalayan salt lamp: what it is

The product I have tested is the natural Himalayan salt lamp produced by Etekcity and composed of a good quality transparent plastic container with a 2.5 Watt incandescent lamp of adjustable intensity inside that offers a beautiful scenic effect by reflecting and crossing the Himalayan salt crystals included in the package.

The lamp rests on a metal base on which the power button is integrated which also allows you to adjust the light intensity.

In the opening photo of this article you can see the Himalayan salt lamp lit on the bedside table in my bedroom, flanked by other ethnic lamps purchased during my travels.

Himalayan salt crystals: properties

The salt crystals are extracted from the mountains of Pakistani Punjab, located about 300 km from the Himalayas (from which they take their name).

Himalayan salt is distinguished from the crystals of normal table salt by the fact that it contains some impurities that give it its characteristic pink color.

According to the manufacturers, the heated crystals would emit negative ions useful to fight electromagnetic radiation, thus improving air quality and promoting sleep.

Below is a close-up image of the Himalayan crystals illuminated by the incandescent lamp ...

Himalayan salt lamp and the benefits of chromotherapy

Based on the principles of chromotherapy, orange light is able to improve mood and improve self-confidence. The color orange is also effective for freeing the mind from negative thoughts and for bringing down inhibitions.

Himalayan salt lamp: where to buy it

The Himalayan salt lamp I tested is available on Amazon at a discounted price of 28.79 Euros at the moment.

There shipment of the product is free and in my case the delivery respected the delivery times as in the vast majority of cases for my orders on Amazon.

There packaging it contained everything promised: the lamp / container (well made!), i Himalayan salt crystals, two incandescent bulbs, cable with usb connector and plug to connect the lamp to a normal power socket, instruction manual.

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