Peaches in syrup, useful tips

Peaches in syrup, useful tips

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Peaches in syrup:original recipe or without sugar. All info formake homemade peaches in syrup.

Today we will talk about homemade peaches in syrup so as not to be forced to buy those from the supermarket that have a too soft, almost unnatural consistency!

Syrup the peaches at home it's simple, you don't need preservatives or laborious ingredients. The preparation of peaches in syrup will allow us to eat peaches even out of season. But let's see in detail the original recipe and its variants (without sugar, without cooking, stuffed ...).

Peaches in syrup, original recipe

The first recipe we propose is the classic one, which involves cooking and using sugar to prepare the syrup.

  • 1 kg of peaches (percoche)
  • 3 lemons
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 1 liter of water
  • water

The ratio is simple, for every kilogram of peaches, 100 grams of sugar are added.

How to make peaches in syrup

    1. Thoroughly wash the peaches then peel and split them in half
    2. Remove the stone and immerse them in a basin containing water and the juice of one lemon
    3. Place a pan on the stove containing a liter of water, 100 grams of sugar, the juice of the remaining lemons, a pinch of cinnamon and peaches
    4. Blanch bringing to a boil and cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly
    5. After the time has elapsed, remove the peaches and let the sugared water boil until the amount of liquid has halved: the syrup must condense and the water evaporate
    6. Arrange thepeachesin sterile jars
    7. Fill the jar with the freshly prepared syrup, being careful not to leave air bubbles: the peaches must be completely covered but the syrup must not overflow from the rim of the jar!
    8. When the jars have been hermetically sealed, put them in a large pan filled with water so as to boil them: to prevent the jars from breaking, put a cloth in the pot that separates the glass jars.
    9. Let the water cool, remove the jars and dry them
    10. Your homemade peaches in syrup are ready

Recipe of peaches in syrup without sugar

In fact, there are no sugar-free peaches in syrup! Syrup is a solution of water and sugar. If you don't want to use sucrose (cooking sugar) you can use glucose but it will be needed for the syrup!

In order not to alter the flavor of the peach too much, you can reduce the amount of sugar and add it to the boiling water only after removing the peaches.

Peaches in syrup hard: peaches in syrup without cooking

Those looking for the recipe for peaches in syrup without cooking, probably because they prefer them with a nice firm consistency! If you don't like peaches that are too soft, keep them on the fire for only 2 minutes of boiling and be careful to choose the right peaches.

Which peaches to use in syrup?
Thepercochethey have a harder consistency and have always been used for the preparation ofpeaches in syrup. The pulp of the percoche is adherent to the stone and for this reason you may have more difficulties in cutting and preparing…. but it will be worth it!

The pulp of percoca is much more fragrant than other peaches but, since it adheres to the stone, it is less used for the consumption of fresh fruit and also less known. The duracina peach (percoca) has a more fragrant and also firmer pulp and therefore more suitable for the preparation of peaches in syrup.

Peaches in syrup without cooking

Who really wants to getpeaches in syrup without cooking, can completely avoid boiling the peaches, place them in the jar "raw" so without any cooking ... however, for conservation, it will be necessary to cook and boil the jars already capped as described in the original recipe. In this way the peaches will remain very hard.

Stuffed peaches in syrup

Once prepared, peaches in syrup can be served stuffed. In this context you can prepare peaches in syrup stuffed with ricotta and real sugar, peaches in syrup stuffed with chocolate, peaches in syrup stuffed with almond cream or peaches in syrup stuffed with meringue.

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