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Mosaic virus, all the info

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Mosaic virus: remedies, struggle, symptoms and treatments. All information on the mosaic virus that attacks zucchini, tomatoes, watermelon, potato, cauliflower, fruit or flowering plants.

Themosaic virusit's aplant diseasewhich is increasingly spreading in the vegetable gardens and orchards of Italy. Let's see what it is, what are thecareand isymptomsto recognize this disease.

Plant viruses, what are they

Viruses are microorganisms which, in order to reproduce, need to be inoculated into a host cell (plant cell, therefore plants, or animal cell, including man).

THEvirusI'mmicroscopic organizationswhich settle in living cells and parasitize to reproduce. THEplant viruseshave the distinction of being able toclimb overwhat is the first cellular defense of plants, the plant cell wall.

Mosaic virus

For several years, someplant diseasesunusual, are causing damage to Italian crops. We are talking about unusual diseases because they are not fungi or insects, but ofviruswhich, if left untreated, cause premature death of the plant.

Themosaic virusit spreads quickly. With the termmosaic virusit refers to a large variety of viruses. In the Italian gardens, themosaic virusmost common is that of cucumber or CMV.

There are so many types of mosaicthat attack plants, the most common in Italy are:

  • CMW
    Cucumber mosaic virus
  • ToMW
    Tomato mosaic
  • WMV
    Watermelon mosaic virus
  • ZYMV
    Yellow Mosaic of Melon
  • BtMV
    Beetroot mosaic
    Watermelon mosaic
  • PVY
    Potato Y Virus
  • PLRV
    Mosaic that causes the potato leaves to curl up
  • PPV
    Pitting of stone fruit. Virus that attacks fruit plants such as peach, almond, plum and cherry.
  • RMV
    Rose mosaic
  • TBV
    Tulip mosaic

The last twovirusthey attack various ornamental plants. The symptoms of the mosaic are evident and, unfortunately, the fight against this virus is not easy at all because there are no chemicals that can directly eradicate the disease.

How the mosaic is transmitted

Thetomato mosaic, potatoes, tobacco… as well as all types of plant viruses, they spread very easily.

Viruses, in fact, remain active in the soil, in live plants and even in seeds. Diffusion, however, does not take place directly but needs tocarriersorintermediaries.

Typically, to convey thevirusplants are the insects that frequent our gardens, especially the very common aphids. Forprevent mosaicit is possible to carry out good prevention and prevent the development of aphids in the vegetable garden.

Even work tools can turn into disease vectors, so if in yoursvegetable gardenis present oncucumber mosaic, before using the same tools for thecareof other crops, carry out careful disinfection.

Mosaic virus, symptoms

THEsymptomsof themosaicthey can be the most varied. In the case of zucchini, yellow leaves may appear.

Symptoms may be visible on the leaves, flowers, stems, and fruits. Symptoms of mosaic can vary, as stated there is a large variety ofmosaic virus.

Typical symptoms of the tomato mosaicinclude light green / dark green variegation on the leaf and stunted plant growth.

When themosaicattacks the plants, they have a reduced growth. Often, leaf curling is present among the symptoms. Sometimes there may be atypical streaks on the stem of the plant and stems that have necrotic and withered areas.

Mosaic virus, cure

As stated, there is no specific product to eliminate the mosaic from our crops. However, it is possible to reduce the risk of contracting the disease by using resistant varieties.

At the end of cultivation, it is advisable to sterilize the soil by means of fire weeding or with steam. All tools must be treated (shovels, hoes, rakes, scissors…) with a 10% hydrochloric acid solution. For all information on soil sterilization treatment, please refer to the article "remedies for weeds", Fire weeding, in fact, is a widely used technique also to eliminate weeds from the garden and prevent their growth.

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