Headphones for running: the best tested for you

Headphones for running: the best tested for you

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Headphones for running: I have been using them for over 25 years and technology has now made it possible to achieve levels of absolute excellence both in the quality (and even in customization!) of the sound and in the ease of use.

I still remember running with a very heavy Sony Walkman and huge sweat-soaked headphones: a disaster!

Then with the advent of the iPod everything changed and the white earphones supplied by Apple ensured good sound quality and an increasingly reduced weight of the music player.

I have always enjoyed running while listening to music and I often do it even in competitive races. Some professional athletes (or presumed so! :-) say it's for amateurs… it will be… but I run to have fun and not to win the Olympics so I keep running listening to music!

In recent years I have tried several earphones and for two years I have tried several times to switch to wireless earphones to connect to the smartphone via bluetooth: a nice convenience, running without wires, but for now I had always returned to using headphones with the wire.

For two weeks I have been using the new ones with great satisfaction Jaybird Freedom and I really think that this time I will continue to use them for a long time!

Below I will explain the reasons why in my opinion Jaybird Freedom I am really great headphones for running how do they differ from other wireless headphones I had tried previously.

Headphones for running: the importance of materials and supports for customization

The Jaybirds have been made of metal and not plastic like other sports headphones, using new materials and construction techniques that have allowed them to ensure remarkable sound quality and perfect comfort.

Low-quality headphones are sometimes created with materials that fail to neutralize the effect of sweat on sound quality and comfort.

The fact that the earphones are comfortable and not likely to fall is a factor of fundamental importance for a runner. If the earphones continue to fall, the discomfort is considerable as well as the lack of perfect comfort, especially for those who run many kilometers.

In the Jaybird packaging I found many accessories to ensure ideal comfort, in relation to the shape of the ear and personal sensations.

Below you can see the contents of the package: fins of different sizes (Small, Medium and Large), 3 pairs of silicone inserts and 3 pairs of Comply high quality polyurethane foam inserts.

I found these latter accessories to be ideal as they work on the same principle as the "earplugs" that are used to isolate noise (on an airplane, when watching a Formula 1 race up close or when you have a partner who snores. :-) They are compressed by rotating them between the fingers, they are inserted into the ear and you wait a few seconds for them to expand ensuring sound insulation. Associated with a large-sized fin, they were the configuration I adopted for my runs.

I also used one of the two "buttons" with special grooves to manage the length and tension of the cable as desired. For now, however, I have not used the "clip" which should be used to secure the cable to the t-shirt.

Wireless running earphones: how to place the wire

Jaybird earphones as well as other wireless earphones are connected together by a wire that can be positioned in different ways: my favorite is behind the neck and under the ear, without stretching it too much, otherwise the three buttons become awkward to reach (below a photo of how I wore them), but you can also run the thread over the ear (as did the girl with red hair in the photo below) or even hold it in front of the neck (as in the opening photo of this article). Each of you can choose the preferred mode.

Wireless running headphones: battery life and charge times

Battery life is another key point in moving from wired headphones to wireless headphones. One of the models I had tested in the past had too little autonomy and for this reason I had abandoned it.

The Jaybird Freedom guarantee instead 4 hours of operation without charging module + 4 additional hours by connecting the charging module (which, however, weighs down the headphones a bit).

To recharge the Jaybird, simply connect the headphones to the charging module in turn to be connected to a normal socket via the supplied USB connector. For a full charge you will need to leave the module connected for 2.5 hours.

The charging module can be charged independently from the headphones: in this way, once charged, you can connect it to the headphones to recharge them even when you are away from a power outlet.

Plus the Jaybirds… they talk! :-) Before turning off they will announce the percentage of remaining charge so as to remind you when it is time to put them back in charge. Convenient!

Wireless running headphones with custom equalization

That's right, Jaybird Freedom, thanks to the dedicated app that can be downloaded for free (available for both IOS and Android), allow you to customize the sound equalization or to choose from predefined configurations or set by athletes and other community members!

Below you can see 3 screenshots I took from the App: in the first you see the default setting, in the second you can see my customization of the equalization curve and in the third the saved custom configuration and with a lot of my photo. :-)

Connecting the headset to your smartphone and other devices

The Jaybird Freedom can be linked via bluetooh with a wizard to your smartphone and your notebook, tablet or smart watch, possibly even simultaneously.

If you have two Jaybird headphones you can connect them simultaneously to the same smartphone, thus listening to the same music from a single device.

Jaybird Freedom running headphones: price and where to buy them

Jaybird Freedom headphones are on sale on Amazon, currently priced at € 201.87, including shipping costs. In the product sheet as always you can also read the comments of other users who have ordered them.

Also remember that by ordering on Amazon you can return the product within 7 days and receive a full refund in case you are not satisfied with the product, but I doubt it will happen with the Jaybird. :-)

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