Scale weighs digital food

Scale weighs digital food

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A digital food scale it is an object that cannot be missing in our kitchen and that can be very useful to realize how much food we are about to put on our table and to help us faithfully reproduce a recipe, without going to the eye, an error often more frequent than it is can think.

At one time the scales for weighing food were analog, equipped with a hand that moved along a graduated scale: it is evident that the reading was not very accurate and not even very simple in some cases, especially for those who do not see very well up close.

Today, food scales are digital, extremely precise and also very economical.

The one I'm using in my kitchen and you see in the opening photo of this article, with a nice grapefruit, my favorite fruit for a regenerating juice, is orderable on Amazon for only 19.99 euros.

Digital weighing scale: characteristics

Unlike other appliances or kitchen utensils that need many complex functionalities, one food scale must do only one thing: weigh food in a simple and accurate way. :-)

The weighing must be immediate both if the basket is used (the one supplied is in metal and with a capacity of 2.15 liters) and if it is not used and the scale I am using makes this operation possible simply by pressing a key that “zeroes the tare weight”.

Others important features of a kitchen scale I'm there plate sensitivity and the precision even in the case of weighing "light" objects, such as some almonds or walnuts. Below is an image of how they can be weighed simply without the basket.

Again with regard to accuracy, consider that the margin of error for a weighing of 5 kg objects is only 1 gram!

The scale that I am using also allows you to use any other container instead of the basket supplied, “cleaning” its weight from the contents, with the simple press of a button.

Digital food scale: timer and thermometer

Useful additional functions are that of timer with alarm, automatic shutdown after 2 minutes of non-use (with relative battery saving) and thermometer to monitor the temperature of your kitchen, constantly visible at the top right of the display.

Supported units of measure

When shopping on Amazon, especially if you buy on .com, you must always pay attention to the supported units of measurement. In this case, no problem, because the food scale that I ordered produced by Etekcity supports both our measurement system (grams and kg) and the one used in Anglo-Saxon countries (ounces and pounds).

Digital food scales: opinions and guarantee

When buying on Amazon, I obviously pay close attention to stars assigned by those who bought the product (I remember that on Amazon you will find indicated if the review was written by a person who really bought the product!) and above all I read even the worst reviews to try to identify possible weak points of the product that are not immediately evident.

In the case of this scale, at the moment I am writing this article, out of 343 reviews, 269 people gave it 5 stars, 62 people assigned 4 stars, 9 people 3 stars and only 3 people assigned 2 stars or 1 star: of these three, one complained of having received the dented plate but then writes that he found it a good product, one reported the lack of instructions in Italian (instead I found a paper booklet with detailed and punctual instructions also in Italian!) and one indicated a defective key (then writing that after reporting the problem it received a visit from a person in charge who collected the product at home in just 48 hours).

All the other reviews are "enthusiastic" about the product and the value for money.

What to add? If you need an excellent quality digital food scale at a low price you can buy it here.

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