Oak: tree and leaf

Oak: tree and leaf

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Oak, long-lived tree with a valuable and useful wood. We find many varieties, often reaching heights that other trees can only dream of. It is so common in our parts that we never give it due attention taking into account its exceptional characteristics and the uses we make of it. His real name is Quercus and belonging to Fagaceae family.

Oak: tree

It is a deciduous and evergreen tree, it reaches large dimensions in the literal sense of the term: 30 meters in height is not an oddity. Comes from'Northern hemisphere, it also lives in tropical or sub tropical areas of Asia and South America. Wherever it grows, it grows in height while maintaining a vigorous bearing.

Her foliage is wide and rounded, or even oval, can sometimes form a kind of umbrella and create a lot of shade. Oak is also known for its bark, gray-brown, which over time fills with longitudinal cracks, but the wood underneath is sturdy and resistant.

Most often these trees are grown for the production of wood, in nature they can appear isolated or in small groups, in the city we can often find them in parks or gardens and are a reference for their majestic presence.

Oak: leaf

The leaves of the oak have an easy to recognize shape: they are lobed and have rounded margins or angular. In general they are green even if in autumn, as nature intended, they become yellow, red and orange depending on the seasonal evolution and the climate. In addition to the leaves, branches also sprout the "acorns" which then contain the seed of this tree.

Cork oak

Cork is known as Cork, popular name, or like Quercus suber, scientific name. Like the others, it belongs to the Fagaceae family but has a shorter life than the average if only because it is used for cork.

The Cork shows one particularly fast development of the rhytidoma, in thickness but it does not detach. It simply forms a consistent coating, what we call cork, of a reddish-gray color. When it is removed, as we may have seen, the cork leaves room for the wood ”and we realize it because the color is very different. At first brick red, then more and more brown until it becomes dark.

Sea oak

In addition to wood and cork, oak comes used for ornamental purposes, for furnishing public and private gardens. Where shade is needed, oaks are certainly welcome so marine areas are among the first to benefit from its generous hair.

Secular oak

One of the first characteristics that are associated with these tall and elegant trees is longevity. They can even exceed a century of life unless they are used for cork or their wood. In general, they are divided into two groups: one includes those with deciduous leaves, present in continental areas, the other is those with persistent leaves, more suitable for the Mediterranean climate.

The oak manages to settle well, in Italy, both close to the sea, as already mentioned, both in hilly areas and mountains, up to 1200 meters.

Oak: wood

Unbeknownst to us, perhaps, but who knows how many pieces of furniture or accessories for the house we have oak wood. If we are missing an elegant cutting board, we can buy one on Amazon, of course in oak, at € 20.10, round 30 x 40.5 x 1.5 cm.

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