Alternative uses of cocoa butter

Alternative uses of cocoa butter

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Alternative uses of cocoa butter: thanks to its antibacterial, protective and emollient properties, this extraordinary product has multiple alternative uses, which you probably do not know. Take note.

Cocoa butter, or lip balm, is a very useful cosmetic product; it helps the lips to retain their natural hydration, reduces the presence of dead cells and creates a protective barrier against free radicals and the sun's rays. Everyone always has a stick with them to eliminate the lip problem and avoid irritation.

What makes it indispensable, however, is not only the need to always have soft and hydrated lips. In fact, cocoa butter has multiple alternative uses, which you probably don't know! Thanks to its texture and composition, cocoa butter has a wide range of original and alternative uses, let's see a few.

Prevents and treats blisters on the feet

Foot blisters are injuries caused by rubbing shoes or contact with aggressive materials. They are very painful and can create infection if not promptly treated.

We can benefit from the antibacterial and protective compounds of cocoa butter by applying it to the area in question to avoid complications.

Thanks to its oily consistency, we can avoid annoying skin reactions, if we apply cocoa butter on the feet before wearing shoes,

Protects the skin of the face

Thanks to its antibacterial and protective action, cocoa butter can prove to be an excellent option to counteract the harmful effects of the sun on the face. Although the SPF of this product is not as high as a normal sunscreen, we can use it as a first aid product in the absence of protection. It is sufficient to apply it on the face and lightly massage the skin

Promotes the healing of scratches and wounds

Thanks to its moisturizing, antibacterial and calming virtues, cocoa butter is an excellent remedy against scratches and superficial abrasions of the skin to promote the healing process. Just apply a small amount of product on the affected area

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, cocoa butter could also be useful against mosquito and insect bites.

Covers scratches on shoes

A small amount of cocoa butter is enough to improve the appearance of the shoes; it is able, in fact, to hide the scratches giving a brighter appearance. It is also possible to use this product on other leather or leather items that tend to become dull and deteriorate over time.

Lubricates zippers and zips

The oily composition of cocoa butter can be effective in lubricating zippers or zips and other metal objects. Just rub the product on the object in question and leave it to act for a few minutes until it loosens.

Fights the frizzy effect of the hair

If you apply a small amount of cocoa butter on the comb it will be possible to eliminate that annoying electric or frizzy effect on the hair

To have tidy eyebrows

Eyebrow hair can have a messy look at times. To have perfect eyebrows, just apply a little cocoa butter on the surface and comb them with a special comb.

Protects and softens the cuticles

Its moisturizing, protective and antibacterial action protects the skin of the hands from external aggressions. Direct application to the area facilitates the elimination of dead skin and softens hard skin which prevents proper absorption of nutrients.

The container can be recycledor

Empty cocoa butter containers can contain other products, such as toothpaste, wax, cream. Just eliminate any residual product and pour in the desired product.

Helps to fix make-up

Just apply a small amount of cocoa butter on the face before make-up, to protect the skin from harsh chemicals and fix the make-up better

The creamy consistency of cocoa butter ensures a more professional result when you apply eyeshadow on the eyes or blush on the cheeks.

Helps set the scent

If your favorite fragrance doesn't last all day, just apply cocoa butter to the affected areas and then spray the perfume. The trail will last for the whole day.

To light the fireplace

If the fireplace does not want to light up, just apply the cocoa butter on a cotton pad and light it with a match. In a few moments the flame will come to life together with the wood.

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