Acne rosacea: causes and treatment

Acne rosacea: causes and treatment

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Acne rosacea is the name of a chronic inflammatory disease, it mainly affects the skin of adults with fair complexions and blond hair. Contrary to what one might think, speaking of acne, that is, that it affects adolescents, this time the victims are well past the age of 18. Rosacea is sometimes referred to as the "Curse of the Celts", precisely because it gets angry who has "Nordic" features. When this disease appears, localized redness is noted, usually on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Women are more affected than men, at least three times more, but at the same time they take greater precautions and more readily treated.

Mild rosacea

Rosacea almost always begins mildly and then steadily worsens over time and often downright annoying. If in the mild form, it is hardly noticeable, then its presence becomes truly impossible not to see, becomes a problem that can also create from a psychological and social point of view,

The redness becomes persistent and abnormal. There are cases in which rosacea alternates moments of mild form with others of peak, therefore it has a cyclic course, which alternates better weeks or months with other worse ones.

Acne rosacea: causes

The causes that cause the appearance of rosacea are unknown, most likely there is a combination of factors that causes it to appear, they are often both hereditary and environmental, but also psychological and immunological.

Of course, at the first appearance of this skin pathology, there are manifestations that seem to be of a vascular type only, with alterations of venous flows which lead to redness and even small lesions related to the dilation of blood capillaries. There are many others possible contributing causes for rosacea, for example, exposure to temperatures that are too cold or too hot, or to the wind, the emotional stress, excessive exercise, too frequent hot baths.

Rosacea can also coincide with the arrival of menopause, or with the prolonged use of corticosteroids and drugs that dilate blood vessels.

Acne rosacea: cure

It is very easy confusing rosacea with other disorders affecting the skin and also causing skin lesions, swelling of the nose and irritation of the skin near the eyes. In this case we are talking about ocular rosacea.

When the pathology is treated correctly and on time, it is possible to reduce the symptoms even if there is no real therapy for rosacea. There are doctors who prescribe one combination of drugs to spread and to ingest.

On a topical level we can focus on products that have a antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect such as metronidazole and azelaic acid, antibiotics can also be taken orally but making sure that they do not create dupset stomach, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. In extremis, there is also surgical treatment to cure rosacea.

Rosacea and nutrition

As there is no cure, there is not even a specific diet on the other hand, rosacea but if you want to reduce the chances of it starting to bother us, the better avoid alcohol, too hot foods, spicy or spicy foods and coffee.

There are also other measures we can apply to our lifestyle to reduce risk, starting with protect the skin from the sun in summer and from the cold in winter, with a scarf, avoid rubbing the skin of the face too much and using products with alcohol or irritants.

Acne rosacea: natural remedies

Since rosacea can also create social and psychological problems, we can also resort to cosmetic treatments in order to mitigate the effects while we treat it. The important thing is that they are natural products like this one bentonite clay face mask which also works for blackheads and age spots.

We can also use gods homeopathic or natural products that have a protective action for capillaries such as bioflavonoids, vitamin C, anthocyanosides or substances with anti-inflammatory and decongestant action.

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