Cycas plant: how to cure it

Cycas plant: how to cure it

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Cycas it is a plant as well as beautiful, also with a particular meaning for the whole green world because it has been preserved almost unchanged as we see it today, since prehistoric times. It belongs to the Cycadaceae family, it is a genus that embraces many of the ancient plants still existing today and almost identical to millennia ago.

Its origins are to be sought in tropical Asia, Polynesia, East Africa and Australia. These are extremely toxic plants, this does not mean that they should not be housed in the house or in the garden but we must be careful to wear gloves when we handle them and do not let pets approach them.

Cycas male and female plant

There are examples of this plant both male and female and it is not at all immediate to recognize them. It is a definition that is based on the nature of the flower, but the only way to understand which sex our Cycas is is to observe the shape of the flower and with particular attention.

Males have them squamiform microsporophils and with pockets of pollen inside, they sprout from a floral structure with the shape of a spiral that forms in the center of the plant, between the tuft of leaves. The female flower is macrosprofillo, it is larger but has at all effects many similarities with the male one for both the position and the supporting structure.

Cycas plant: how to cure it

Maybe that's also why the Cycas has been preserved almost identical from prehistoric times to today: it does not need any particular care and even at the climatic level it is able to adapt to temperatures that they range from -10 ° C up to 40 ° C. It grows very slowly and needs an average amount of water, the soil should be drained.

Cycas plant in winter

Not being too sensitive to low temperatures this plant also survives the cold seasons well, with the foresight, however, never to fertilize in winter but in the period from spring to all summer.

In winter the plant does not die and remains well present and green but for the fruit you have to wait for the heat. It is a large dark red seed that lasts all summer, the seed is instead harvested between January and March when the fruit has turned yellowish.

Cycas plant diseases

Among the various misfortunes that can happen with a plant of this type, there is the yellowing that is due in most cases to the cochineal, to be hunted with broad-spectrum antibiotics. Between parasites more frequently to attack there are the red spider and the mealy cochineal, in fact, but if spots appear on the leaves and on the "trunk", the fault can be ours and of our excessive irrigations that have caused radical rot.

To keep ours healthy Cycas it is good to offer it a fertilizer rich in microelements during watering. Up Amazon for 15 euros we find a granular fertilizer in 5 kg packs, enriched with natural organic substances that ensures leaf development and greater resistance in case of adversity.

Cycas potted plant

If the climate is not harsh, even in pots it can be safely outside, instead if it is cold, it is better to keep it in pots and in apartments or in any case sheltered from frost.

In pots, let's not place it directly under the sun but partially in the sun because it doesn't like darkness, it makes it lose vitality.

Cycas plant price

The price of one of these plants depends on the variety but also on the size. There are more than 100 species of Cycas and some have some truly XXL sizes, before taking a better inform yourself on how much it can grow. Among the most common species we find the Revoluta and the Revoluta 'Aurea', the Panzhihuaensis, the Guizhouensis, the Rumphii, the Circinalis and the Debaoensis

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