Smells like frying in the house

Smells like frying in the house

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Smells like frying in the house:natural remedies to eliminate the smell of frying in the kitchen, from clothes or hair. How to avoid a priori the production of that bad smell of fried food.

Fried is good. Maybe it will also be unhealthy but let's face it: a portion of french fries is always able to give us great satisfaction. If the figure and diet are not a problem for us, it can be bad smell what a good one frying leave at home. During the frying phase it is important to never exceed the smoke point of the seed oil you are using.

Peanut oil, which has a higher smoke point, should therefore be preferred, followed by that of sunflower and corn. The best oil, even for frying, remains olive oil but due to its high cost it finds little use in frying.

Air fryer

If the apple remedy doesn't give you the desired results, try air frying.

In aair fryernot much oil is needed because the heat carrier is the air itself. The heated air is circulated at a very high speed in order to allow uniform cooking by simulating the behavior of oil in classic frying. For all information, I refer you to the dedicated page: air fryer, how it works.

How to fry without odors

Giving up frying to avoid infecting everything would be a great shame: frying is still a tasty and really tasty cooking method. How is frying without odors possible? Soaking a slice of apple, or even celery, when the oil is still cold can be a great help.

The apple in fact allows the oil not to emit smoke and consequently not to give off any annoying odor. The same thing we can do with a lemon peel which, thanks to its natural essence, will help spread a pleasant fresh aroma throughout the house. Alternatively, parsley leaves are also good: the mechanism is the same and the result will be satisfactory.

How to eliminate the smell of fried food in the kitchen, natural remedies

Needless to say. Before proceeding with natural methods and remedies to eliminate the smell of fried food in the kitchen, the golden rule number one always remains the same: ventilate the room and leave windows and balconies open, even during the cooking phase. Once this is done there are several natural remedies that can do for us.

As always, vinegar is the friend of every perfect housewife. If, after frying, we boil a little vinegar in a liter of water, this will make any unpleasant smell in the house disappear. The same thing can be done by boiling some natural fabric softener. Just like vinegar, the softener will eliminate all traces of fried food from our home. Furthermore, even preparing decoctions based on laurel or cloves can be a winner.

Stinks of fried hair, remedies

One of the worst nightmares for those in the kitchen is the smell of fried food on their hair. A big problem especially if you have little time available or if you are forced to leave immediately after. The most effective remedy for eliminate the smell of fried on the hair a dry shampoo is used which is sold in the most common beauty shops.

Homemade shampoo

But pay attention to the ingredients: the shampoo must contain aluminum starch, capable of absorbing all odors, and must also contain magnesium carbonate which has the ability to enhance the effect of starch. It will be useful to treat the hair, after the dry shampoo, with a herbal mixture that can be prepared at home using some essential oils.

All you need is a spray container in which 20 drops of lemon essence, 50 drops of water and 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil will be placed, all diluted in about a liter of water. The solution thus created can be applied to still wet hair. In this way the it stinks of fried food it will be just a distant memory and the hair will return to being fragrant, soft and shiny.

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