CamBIOvita EXPO: the celebration of healthy living

CamBIOvita EXPO: the celebration of healthy living

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Change life EXPOis scheduled to Etnafiere, the exhibition center of Etnapolis, from 12 to 14 May 2017.

An unmissable event that brings together producers, companies and professionals who deal with organic and environmental sustainability with the aim of promoting change through healthy lifestyles and balanced eating habits.

Healthy nutrition, health, well-being, environment, green building, green tourism, awareness and change are in fact the central themes of this 2nd edition organized by EXPO of Barbara Mirabella in collaboration with CDO Eastern Sicily.

The "value" of Change life EXPO it will already be seen when the ribbon is cut. In fact, alongside the organizers there will be guests from the institutional, scientific, specialized and journalistic world of great national and international importance who will debate, over the three days, in a rich program of events and seminars.

Among the protagonists who will accompany the public on the path of change there will be Alessandro Circello, internationally renowned chef, opinion leader and spokesperson for the figure of the cook as a "health promoter". With the extraordinary participation of Marco Columbro, well-known actor and television personality, who for years has been one of the spokespersons of the organic sector in our country, as well as a producer of natural products and supporter of a healthy diet.

But it will be the organic fruit and vegetable toast offered bySanèto officially kick off the Expo of correct lifestyles!

Between stands, tastings, yoga, conferences, B2B meetings, master classes and cooking shows, coordinated by Seby Sorbello, president of the Provincial Association of Etna Chefs, There will certainly be opportunities for meetings to reflect and find new solutions in the following areas:

  • Vegan
  • Biodiversity
  • hemp
  • Sea
  • fruit
  • ancient grains
  • celiac disease
  • gluten and lactose free pastry
  • 360 ° wellness and health

To increase your wealth of information on the use of organic and natural ingredients in order to eat better, live better, travel better and take care of yourself better!

Life change EXPO: an agenda for change

Change life EXPO certainly promises to be a triumph of aromas, flavors and colors. A meeting place for movements and associations, curious and newbies in the sector, but also and above all for families with children. The latter, in fact, thanks to ACLI Land they will find a "special place" in the salon in which to learn to respect the planet. Eating healthy and playing to cultivateorganic garden.

Not only.

New in this 2017 edition is the island of wellbeing which emphasizes the centrality of the person and the pursuit of inner well-being. Ample space will therefore be given to psychophysical health: body, soul and mind.

Change your life it means taking care of the health of your body thanks to the practice of sport. In this context they will be the Virgin Active professionals, a green sports brand known all over the world, to involve the public with consulting and group activities

The Longevity Corner instead it is the name of the area within which you can submit to longevity check-up. Performed by a team of geriatricians from the Gemelli University Hospital Foundation - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, led by professor Francesco Landi, and has always been active in identifying factors related to healthy aging.

A real "diagnosis of longevity" will be carried out starting from the measurement of some fundamental clinical parameters to communicate to each visitor a personalized strategy for "living a hundred years".

AIC Sicily, in addition to providing all the necessary information on the subject, he will take advantage of the National Celiac Week to shed light on the importance of diagnosis and therapy. Why "The gluten-free diet is not a trend" but a need for thousands of patients. More and more every year.

CamBIOvita EXPO: the official website

Find out more about all upcoming events and conferences at Change life EXPO visit the official website:

"I change my life, and you?"

Curated by Christel Schächter

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