How to teach your dog to go toilet outside

How to teach your dog to go toilet outside

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How to teach your dog to go toilet outside it is not easy, but neither is it impossible. It requires patience and time, a lot: let's not expect that within a month a puppy learns not to dirty the house and it is useless to argue that "mine is very intelligent and awake, he will understand it on the fly". A dog he did not have an innate instinct to leave the house to relieve himself and he must slowly understand that this is how we behave in our home, in a natural way and not because we shout at him or keep him fasting.

How to teach your dog to go to toilet when he is a child

THE puppies they are unruly, but learning how to teach the dog to go to the toilet as a child is perhaps easier than other businesses. It is "fluffy", a puppy, but also more inclined to learn, to be guided, compared to a dog already with its habits, sometimes stainless.

When we evaluate how to teach the dog to go to the toilet outside as a child, we must take into account that it will not have great autonomy on a physical level. If an adult dog can hold urine and feces for 12 hours, a dog of a few months will never make it. It must be said that there is no need to do not even wait that long the adults.

Before starting the education, we observe the puppy to understand what are the precise moments in which he pees: usually happens when you wake up, after eating or drinking, or at signs such as the insistent sniffing on the ground, crying for no apparent reason, turning around in circles.

When we perceive these alerts, here, we take a cloth that will be the cloth of needs, and let's put it in a corner of the house or garden. We lay the puppy on top so that it associates the needs with the cloth. Slowly bringing the cloth in the garden or outside the house, the puppy will "follow" the cloth doing the needs always outside.

How to teach your dog to go toilet outside as an adult

Even an adult dog usually prefersoutside to pee and poop, he certainly won't make them close to where he eats or even close to where he sleeps: not stupid! The cloth trick is also applicable for adult dogs albeit less immediate because it often involves specimens with patterns already fixed in the head.

For help them learn, better not to put the cloth near the sleeping area or the area where he eats, but not too far away because, if it is uncomfortable, it has all the reasons not to reach it.

After gradually removing the household needs cloth and placed outside, you can also try to eliminate it completely, remaining certain that the dog has now taken the habit of going to the toilet outside. It is proposed smaller and smaller and one day, you try without anything to see if the message has arrived.

How to teach the dog to go to the toilet outside as an elderly person

For an elderly dog, the same strategy as for an adult dog applies but I would like to specify that when age advances it is not always possible to retain urine or feces for a long time. So we must be more understanding if the dog is not always loyal, and avoid leaving him alone in the house for more than three hours.

How to teach the dog to go to the toilet outside: tips

There are attitudes that, beyond the strategy, can help to understand how to teach the dog to go to the toilet outside. For example when he does them for the first time outside, where he has to, let's fill him with compliments in a theatrical way, Let him feel like a true champion! IS also rewarded with a tasty morsel.

In any case, let us avoid scolding him if he does not obey immediately, and let us not put our muzzle inside him, that either pee or poo, because to the dog basically like that smell and would not interpret it as a punishment. A trick that few know is about cleaning the needs in the house, they run away.

Let's never do it in front of the dog, bending over, because he will interpret it as an invitation to play and then repeat the gesture convinced that if he gets dirty in the house, we will reward him with a play time with us.

How to teach the dog to go to the toilet outside: books

There are numerous books on dog behavior that suggest various tricks on how to teach the dog to go to the toilet outside. While we figure out which one works with ours, we better arm ourselves with absorbent diapers and pads, also available on Amazon for 10.50 euros for each box of 30.

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