Scented roses

Scented roses

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Scented roses: from climbers to those suitable for growing in pots. From the oldest to the new roses very fragrant roses that cannot be missing in the garden. A collection dedicated to the varieties of roses that smell more.

If onepinkit is not perfumed, it can also begorgeousbut it certainly doesn't involve all five senses! The scent of a flower can make the difference between a beautiful garden and amystical garden!

There are different types of roses to grow in the garden or in pots, perhaps on the balcony and among these there is no shortage very fragrant rosesthat they can conquer, with their perfume, even from a distance. On this page we will see the fragrant roses to be grown in the garden (in the ground) or on the balcony with the cultivation of roses in pots.

Scented ancient roses

Perfume is a common character ofold roses. Gradually, the scent was lost after selections and crossings that had the aim of obtaining showy petals and flowers of considerable size.

It is also true that there is no shortage of hybrids selected for theperfumeflowers with more modern, very fragrant varieties. On this page we will see bothold rosesthat more modern roses, from time to time I will point out the history of the rose in question. Let's start with the scented climbing roses, always comfortable to grow in the garden!

Scented climbing roses

The RoseFruhlingsmorgenis a hybrid that dates back to Germany in '42. It reaches 250 cm in height and produceslarge, fragrant roses. The roses have a diameter of about 11 cm, flowering begins in late spring. It is considered a reblooming rose as after the first spring flowering the plant will continue to produce roses even if in a more sporadic way.

Among the modern climbers we point out the Sourire d’orchidee with its white mother-of-pearl flowers with a diameter of 6 cm. The flowers have a very intense scent and grow on large natural bunches ... even 30 units can be reached. It's about are-flowering fragrant rosebecause it produces flowers all year round but only in Southern Italy with a warmer climate. Thisvery fragrant climbing rosereaches 3 - 4 meters in height.

Another one scented climbing rose is Teasing Georgia, selected in 1998 for its flowers with numerous petals and its sweet and fruity scent.

Fragrant roses to grow in pots

Even those who choose thecultivation in potsmust not give up thescent of roses! Generally, whoever wantsgrow roses in potschooses those that are most suitable for confined spaces without paying attention to the aroma given off by the flowers. Those who want a fragrant balcony or terrace thanks to flowers, will never be able to do without these three againfragrant roses.

Therescented old roseMozart can reach 2 meters in height but with targeted pruning it can be contained for growing in pots. Its selection dates back to 1937. Despite its distant origins, it has very modern-looking flowers: they are small and gathered in large clusters.

La Rosa De Rescht is among theancient scented rosesmoremysterious. It is a spontaneous plant found in Persia for the first time. Let's talk about onere-flowering fragrant rosewhich blooms every 45 days and must be topped after each shift.

Those looking for more recent roses can aim forPrincess Alexandra: has the appearance of aold rosebut it dates back only to 1987. Its flowers have a sweet and intense scent and is perfect forcultivation in pots.

Scented garden roses

For those who love mottled roses we recommend the bush FloribundaSouvenir de Gilles Velleneuve. It is a very modern rose that won the international competition of Monza in 2012. The flowers have a very intense scent.

Also among the mottled roses we point out the Rock'nRoll with very large flowers. This is also a modern rose.

Who prefersscented ancient roseswill have to aim for the Villosa Duplex which is obtained from hairy wild roseknown from before 1770.

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