Harvesting oregano: when to do it

Harvesting oregano: when to do it

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Oregano collection, few think about how it happens but many like to put it on pizza, on a salad, in a sauce to give a touch of flavor that is never invasive but which does not go “unnoticed”. Oregano has been known for a long time, it was used, as appears from some testimonies, too at the time of the Greeks and Romans, who already knew its therapeutic properties. It was used also to hunt ants: it was believed that it was enough to sprinkle it in the places that you wanted to reclaim.

Potted oregano collection

There oregano harvest it can also happen when growing it in pots, the important thing is to place it in a place where it gets sun. It is a plant that needs heat, much more than water, unless it is in the flowering phase.

When we prepare the ground for growing oregano in pots, it is not necessary to worry much about the type of soil, this plant is also suitable for the driest ones, the important thing is, if we have to sow it, do it in April. If we are preparing a large pot with multiple housed seedlings, we do pay attention to the distance between them, minimum of 50 cm.

Fresh oregano harvest

The origin of the name is Greek, in this language oregano means "Joy of the mountain". If we have it on the balcony, it may seem strange to us, but we have to imagine that colors the slopes with its flowers. Fresh oregano is in fact as beautiful as dried oregano is good.

The areas where we can witness the fresh oregano harvest are the Mediterranean ones. Here it grows naturally, as well as being cultivated on purpose because it is a popular e sought after aromatic plant with now known therapeutic properties.

Fresh oregano is also used for the fight against parasites and that is why it is found near cultivated fields.

Oregano harvest: when

There Oregano harvest must take place during flowering which occurs in the height of summer. The life cycle of this precious aromatic plant foresees that from July to September it is in bloom, while the seeds usually ripen from August to September-October.

At this stage, summer, we see oregano full of green leaves all over the stem and white or pale pink flowers. It's time for the oregano harvest: let's arm ourselves with a knife to cut the stem in half, being very careful not to uproot the roots. Again in order not to ruin the plant and compromise its life, let's not overdo it with the oregano harvest.

Only once, per cycle, and after flowering we return to fertilize the soil so that the suitable conditions can be created to give us the possibility of being able to do the year after at least two harvests. Sometimes, if we're good and lucky, oregano can also be harvested three times.

Harvesting oregano and drying

The oregano harvest concerns the flowering twigs that must be grouped in order to then proceed with drying. There are two ways to do this. It is possible to proceed by arranging the twigs upside down, hanging, thus leaving them for a couple of days and then do a first check!

In case we're not properly dried yet, we can use a wooden stick or a rolling pin to drop flowers and leaves and then a sieve. In this way the sticks are eliminated by selecting only the part of oregano to crumble and preserve.

The alternative technique is the arrange the twigs on a blanket in the sun, leaving them to dry for three days and then collecting them so that they are ready to be pounded in the mortar.

Oregano harvesting: machines

If the oregano harvest is aimed at a large-scale sale of this precious herb, it is clear that machines are needed. In this case, it's about special agricultural machinery which are specially designed for harvesting oregano or other aromatic herbs. The same is true when needed collect medicinal plants or vegetables.

Almost for every variety it is necessary that the machines have particular dimensions and that they apply cutting and harvesting systems that do not spoil the final product.

Harvesting oregano conservation

Once the oregano harvest is done, it is necessary move on to drying and then to storage, otherwise our painstaking work is useless, or almost. Once you get it dried oregano, well sieved, we have to put it inside glass jars to keep in the pantry. There are also those who keep them in the fridge because they believe that the aroma is kept better.

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