Bloodhound: characteristics, puppies and price

Bloodhound: characteristics, puppies and price

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Bloodhound, dog of Belgian origin and belonging to the category of bloodhounds and track dogs. Not only. This breed is not one of the many included in this group, the number 6, is the breed that is considered more able to recognize smells.

Bloodhound in fact, it means "blood dog", it is also called "St. Hubert Hound", Uberto is the bishop of Liège and he founded an Abbey where this breed of dogs was bred by the monks who carefully selected them.

Bloodhound: dog

Already from the name it is understood that the Bloodhound it is a dog of ancient origins, already in the Middle Ages it was known, especially in the Ardennes area even if the selection was made mainly by the English. One of the hypotheses concerning the history of this dog tells that they derive from the great research dogs introduced in Gaul by the legions of Rome.

From the sixteenth century onwards it has always been highly regarded by nobles and in Belgium it is even considered a "national symbol". It is more raised in Holland and Germany, however, and in the United States where he arrived in 1885. He also comes to Italy bred but not yet well known as a dog.

Bloodhound: characteristics

The Bloodhound is a medium-large dog, classified as a Braccoid. His physique is massive, he walks and generally moves slowly and has an impressive gait, he has an easy head to be recognized and the rest of the body is also in proportion to it. However, it is not a "fat" animal, it has a muscular and strong physique, it is harmonious as a whole and expresses strength and calm.

Bloodhound: puppies

The puppies of Bloodhound they are rather large and strong, when they grow up they become 67 cm tall, if males, “only” 60 if females.

The back is wide and wide, the belly is a little in relief, the head and the muzzle are always large, since the dog is a puppy. As they grow, the puppies begin to show fine lines on the skin of the forehead and cheeks, with the years they become more and more marked. Another feature that makes the Bloodhound a dog easy to identify are the lips, very long and hanging, the nose is not particular but black, as in many other cases.

The neck is long and very robust, the ears are also long and set low, even reaching the jaws, the eyes can be only hazelnut color, are sunken and appear smaller than they are.

Since puppies, these dogs have straight, muscular limbs which contribute to slowness of pace accompanied by the tail, curved and in the lower part garnished with hair about 5 cm long. The coat is short on the rest of the body and can be black-and-tan, single-colored fire, brown-and-tan. The black and tan specimens are among the most appreciated and sought after, the puppies thus usually cost more, with the same pedigree value.

Bloodhound smell

The Bloodhound he is the hound par excellence, he has a truly extraordinary sense of smell, so much so that he is the most effective molecular dog there is today. And how is a molecular dog? It is a specialized and qualified dog, trained to be part of an ad hoc canine unit that deals with "special cases" because it is capable of a human track, even of a particular individual who has been from a certain place a long time before.

In addition to the olfactory abilities, it can also boast a good intelligence so it has always been used in hunting, today in various other sectors where a particularly sensitive sense of smell is needed.

Bloodhound: Italy breeding

The Bloodhound is raised in Italy, in Lazio there are two farms recognized by ENCI, in Piedmont, Tuscany and Umbria, one. On the official website of the institution you can find names and references. Breeding a Bloodhound it means dealing with an animal with an affectionate and faithful character, and also quite calm.

Bloodhound: price

The price of a copy of Bloodhound it can be quite high, because it is not widespread but also because it has indisputable qualities. Under 1000 euros it is difficult to find it. If we want one, it is good to know the defects it can present, without anything remove from affection that everyone feels for their imperfect dog.

THE classic defects of the breed are deviated jaw, lack of premolars, pink nose, yellow coat clear, light yellow iris, wall eyes, defective rear end, incorrect movement, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, shy or fearful character.

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