Aquagenic itching: causes and natural remedies

Aquagenic itching: causes and natural remedies

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Aquagenic itching, it may seem absurd, true, but it happens that even water, so apparently harmless, creates problems of intolerance. Let's see how these are born unexpectedly negative reactions, how they manifest in practice and how they can be cured or limited. Or avoid.

Aquagenic itch: what it is

Not being a particularly well-known problem, it is better to start defining aquagenic itch. It's a actually quite recent disorder, allergic, and neurological in origin. It can be called much more simply allergy to water but a name like this, to those who are not an expert, may seem joking because water is often understood as a harmless liquid.

Who suffers from aquagenic itching feel a sensation severe itching and tingling on contact with water only. Often not much changes, whether it is fresh or salt water, and neither is the temperature a factor.

It is not one severe pathology, much worse is for example theaquagenic urticaria, always triggered by contact with this liquid but which shows quite annoying symptoms such as large red spots on the skin that compromise the quality of daily life of a person who has this disorder.

Aquagenic itching: symptoms

Usually the aquagenic itching it makes itself felt shortly after a shower, perhaps even apparently relaxing and pleasant, at first glance, or after a bath. But if the form of water allergy we have is particularly acute, then even just washing our hands we can find ourselves feel the symptoms. The same goes for an episode of excessive sweating, let alone if we go for a swim in the sea or in the pool.

What happens when a person is suffering from aquagenic itching comes into contact with water is that its skin begins to produce an excessive amount of acetylcholine, a nerve transmitter which causes the skin to become more sensitive than ever. Here then begins to manifest a strong itch, often begins on the limbs, upper and lower. Over time the itch becomes more and more intense, as if we were even wearing a shirt made of thorns, very painful.

Aquagenic itching: causes

The causes of the aquagenic itching are still to be defined precisely because there are still studies in progress as it is a new and less known disorder than other more classic allergies. One of the first causes identified, but certainly not the only one is the hypersensitivity that a person's skin can show, with respect to the substances that make up the water.

The cute would be so sensitive that it can be considered allergic to water and make it necessary to avoid any direct contact with this liquid almost

Aquagenic itch: cure

If the causes are not well known, the treatments are too. There are no effective remedies, at least, they have not been discovered to date, so you are forced to prevent itching or a try to mitigate the allergic reaction. The same goes for the more annoying aquagenic urticaria. Common sense advice concerns the use of detergents. It is better to choose the less aggressive and more delicate ones, able to restore the right hydration to the skin.

Aquagenic itching: drugs

There are severe cases in which allergy to water may require the use of drugs. Usually the pharmacist is to recommend a first treatment based on antihistamine drugs, specific to relieve the symptoms of allergies in general, to be taken at least one hour before having direct contact with water.

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